Poems by Otteri Selvakumar

Poems by Otteri Selvakumar


How live

In this world
Every where
Love is there…
In the world
At same time
Selfish also there…

In the world
Every where
God is there
At the same
In the world
Devil also there…

So much for
Response from
About the world
Live with only
About only
Self control for
Only good
Without your
Self control
Loss your life
More again
And again….


O… Peace

Peace here
Sale with wine shop
Quarter , half , full…
With a sin
What is sin
Don’t ask me
Today life is
Almost sin…
You agree
Enjoy drink
With peace…
Enjoy death
With peace…
You don’t agree
So sad with death…
Without peace…


A civil war

Another civil war
At home about
Father and mother
Children’s are sad
Father was so bad
Hit with mother
Kick with legs
To much bad words
What a nonsense?
Which idiot telling
Life is beautiful?
Here every day
Father and mother
Home at civil war
Enjoy with neighbours
Open there eye’s
Quarter half Brandy rum
Smiles about with
Father’s face…
Without funny…
Tear’s and worries
Are so many…

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