Professor Mohamed Rabie, PhD (Jordan – USA)

Professor Mohamed Rabie, PhD (Jordan – USA)
Dr. Rabie is a professor of International political economy. After graduating from Jericho High School, he pursued college and graduate studies in Egypt, Germany and the US, earning degrees in agricultural economics, rural sociology and economics; he received a PhD degree in Economics in 1970 from the University of Houston.
Prof. Rabie taught at 11 Arab, American and European universities, including Georgetown and Johns Hopkins Universities, Kuwait University, and Al Akhawayn University in Morocco. Between 2003 and 2005, he was a guest professor at St. Galen University in Switzerland; and between 1998 and 2001, he was an academic advisor to Erfurt University in Germany.
Prof. Rabie has so far published 43 books, 12 in English, and 31 in Arabic. English books include: The Politics of Foreign Aid, 1988; The New World Order, 1992; Conflict Resolution and Ethnicity, 1994; the US-PLO Dialogue, 1995; Saving Capitalism and Democracy, 2013; Global Economic and Cultural Transformation, 2013; A Theory of Sustainable Sociocultural and Economic Development, 2016, and The Global Debt Crisis and its Socioeconomic Implications, 2018.
Major books in Arabic include: The Brain Drain, 1972; Economy and Society, 1973; the Other Side of the Arab Defeat, 1987; the Making of American Foreign Policy, 1990; The Making of the Arab Future, 2000; Leadership and the Making of History, 2009; Culture and the Arab Identity Crisis, 2010; Arabs’ Self-Destruction, 2013; the Making of History and Sustainable Development, 2015; Arabs in the Eye of the Storm, 2015. In addition to a story, two novels, 3 books of poetry, and his memoirs of 5 books.
Prof. Rabie served in the mid-1970s on the boards of the Arab Fund for Technical Assistance for African Countries, the Palestine National Fund, and the steering committee of the Euro-Arab Dialogue. Currently, Dr. Rabie is a fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung, a member of the Arab Thought Forum, and president of the Arab Thought Council. He is also the founding editor of the Social Sciences Quarterly published by Kuwait University.
Between 1989 and 1992, Prof. Rabie was a member of the Harvard University and the Brooking Institutions working groups to advance peace and economic development in the Middle East; and a board member of the Search for Common Ground Middle East Initiative, which is based on the ideas he articulated in his booklet, A Vision for the Transformation of the Middle East. Dr. Rabie is the recipient of several grants and awards as student and professor from American, Egyptian, German, Jordanian, Kuwaiti and UN programs. In 2015, he was awarded the State of Palestine Lifetime Achievement Award.
Flower of Peace
The voice of Palestine
Is crying for love
Crying for justice
Crying for tolerance
Crying for peace
Standing against war
Standing against violence
Standing against racism
Dying in need
In need of a holy seed
Seed of freedom
Seed of equality
Seed of dignity
See of tolerance
And seed of peace
I am the voice of Palestine
Planting a flowering tree
On the wings of a honeybee
Traveling across land and sea
For everyone to see
A yellow flower for mercy
A green flower for justice
A white flower for peace
A red flower for love
A flower for you
A flower for me
Christian, Muslim, and Jew
Black, yellow and White
To set our souls free
Together we can climb mountains
Dance and sing like love birds
Cross every river and sea
Embrace each other and laguh
Enjoy the night with smiling stars
Share the holy land we love
And live forever free
Lovers and Strangers
Time goes by so fast
Creating past after past
Joyful moments
Saddened moments
Never to last
Yet, we are still the same
Lovers and strangers
Sharing love, living apart
Unable to share the day
Dream of a better future
Or live the past
Two innocent children
Beautiful twinkling eyes
Passionate hearts
Wonderful minds
Souls searching for eternity
Where love knows no bounds
A little inspiring story
Like most historical records
It challenges your mind
But never makes you wise
A sea of tears and cries
A monument of sights and lights
Let us share a glass of wine
Under stars that wink and shine
Secrets that excite the eye
Feelings that cannot lie
Dreams that never die
The time, darling is now
And now is the only fact of life
The future may never come
So why should we wait
Until now is gone
And time has finally come
To kiss us for the last time
And says goodbye
Darling, days are migrant birdies
They build nests everywhere
An have no home anywhere
They sing, dance and then fly
Leaving behind broken hearts
Saddened souls and eyes
Unable to sigh or cry.
Nameless Refugees
Running, running everywhere
From here to there to nowhere
Running night and day
Without knowing
Where to go, where to stay
A refugee deprived of home and land
Dispossessed of identity and hope
Must flee war and hide
Keep looking for a safe place
A make believe homeland
Holding hand in hand
Young and old are walking together
One eye on the road ahead
The other on what left behind
Moving from cave to cave
Valley to valley
Camp to camp
Across mountains of snow
And oceans of mud and sand
Bodies are tired
Eyes are tired
And souls are deeply sad
He lived in the East and West
In the North and South
In large crowded cities
Charming old villages
Sleepy hamlets tucked in mountains
And on lakes with imported sand
Losing childhood innocence
And missing friends left behind
Flying in planes
Riding on trains
Sailing on boats and ships
Travelling from land to land
Feeling at times happy
And often deeply sad
He kept searching for a people
Open minded and kind
To listen to his agonizing story
Give him another chance
To rebuild his shattered life
Free his children from fear
And tortured memories that bind
The soul is getting angry
Unable to accept or understand
Why it should be forever stranger
No matter where it goes or land
The body is getting exhausted
It can no longer enjoy the ride
The brain is feeling the pressure
To keep records of a twisted journey
Colored with agony and pride
Before memories get too old
And get buried deep in sand
And history forgets the life he once had
Soon the body will die
Without a whisper or cry
It does not matter how or where
Strangers have no right to question fate
In lands they may love or hate
Worms will multiply eating the flesh
Transforming it into natural fertilizer
To enrich the soil of abandoned fields
So wild flowers could grow and bloom
And the sunflower shines like a little moon
The soul will resume wandering
Flying across turbulent oceans
And serene dunes of sand
Promoting peace and justice
Freedom and liberty
The sharing of love
And love of the land
Blessing the good
Forgiving the bad
Unifying people across cultures
Building brick by brick
Land after land
A dream the body never had
A happy, peaceful living
In a shared homeland.

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