DECADES ( Dekad) – AHMAD ZAKARNEH / Translated into BAHASA MELAYU by  Siti Ruqaiyah HASHIM 


Ahmad Zakarneh was born in Cairo in 1971. He lives in Ramallah and is a Palestinian writer and a poet, a journalist and a broadcaster with Palestine Radio and Television since
1997. He was an Editor in Chief with Palestinian newpaper Al Hadath. He published an anthology titled “What I do Not Know”. He had written numerous political and literary articles and participated many seminars and workshops in Palestine and abroad.



I am a farewell wave,

I have fifty years and some memories and a lot of pain.

I carry on the back of my heart

The many disappointments days have brought to life .

I have fifty shadows

One mirror is blurred by the death of the living.

In the first decade

I was innocent, innocent as the desert was of the

enstrangement .

In the second,

My shadow did not follow me, I opened calendar, and missed

the count

In the third,

I claimed that they crucified me as a Christ of their illusions.

The fourth,

They found me clinging to a cradle that held me when I was a

child, who became a young man,

who no longer knows how I looked.

In the fifth,

I carried the coffin, and started to mourn myself

“Now I have awoken”



Aku adalah ombak selamat tinggal, Aku punya lima puluh

tahun memori dan luka yang tidak sedikit

Ku bawa bersama di lipatan hati ku

Berbagai kekecewaan yang ditimbunkan dalam hidup ku

Aku punya lima puluh bebayang

Dengan sebuah cermin kabur oleh kematian dalam kehidupan

Di dekad pertama

Aku tak tahu apa-apa,

seperti padang pasir yang tidak tahu apa-apa ketika Nabi

membawa diri

Di dekad kedua

Bebayang ku tidak mengikut sama,

Ku buka kalendar, dan tersilap membilang hari

Di dekad ketiga

Aku mendakwa mereka telah menyalib ku seperti Nabi Isa

kerana ilusi mereka

Di dekad keempat

Mereka menjumpai diri ku bergayut di buaian tempat tidur ku 
ketika kecil,

yang menjadi orang muda,

dan tak keruan lagi bagaimana rupa ku

Di dekad kelima

Aku mengusung keranda dan mula menangisi diri ku

“Sekarang aku telah sedar”.


Translated into BAHASA MELAYU by  Siti Ruqaiyah HASHIM 


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