Roseblood / Poem by Santiago Ali



Poem by Santiago Ali

Sweet soul!
Beware your existence
Sprouting from the hands of the Creator
A sublime perfection of a high art you are
The sweetest rose upon the whole of earth
You are confidant of an affair of a most decent love
He when entered you as the very scent of your own

Beware of an eclipsed dawn that has befallen like a plague
Lest it should swallow the vision of your
Eyes which when open soul windows
Shed alongside with dream dew their deep sea mysteries

Fear entered their bellies like unwanted babies
Who in sinful biology of exaggerated genitals feed on their rapacious hunger
The ogres who choose to occupy their seats in the filth of their eyes
Scared of their own reflection in water

They will behead every light that reveals
Their inhuman shadows upon earth
Will crush every rose setting their souls restless

Before it died out completely into smoke
Her light burst forth into a flame
Searching for a home a firefly in the storm
Before it turned to stone
With so much left halfway the distance of her home
Her body metamorphosized into a water fossil inside a buried heart
Before did she come out of her body

That the night drowned in the incensory
Of a temple smoldering the scent of
a body lying in the nude…..

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