Poems by Gift DANIEL

Poems by Gift DANIEL


This beautiful world I see….

I don’t seek to be a musician
But I know I have a voice
I have something to sing about
Songs in harmonious symphony
And a pew filled with choristers not a few
Singing this truth
I don’t want to be a preacher
But I bring goodnews
Gospel to change thoughts fix faults
Recreate man to his original form
I don’t want to be a writer
But words rule and cage me
Full to the brim in dire need to express itself
Tell a tale of that, that should be
I don’t want to be a painter
Nor do I ever want to draw
But deep down me I’ve seen it
A world less peril
An Eden beautified not in pretends
Where green and man agree
Animals roam freely in glee
Hearts never hardening, melting at the sight of ants trying to build their castle
I don’t want to be a builder
Neither do I want to be a leader
But this world I speak about
This ion still solely exist in my inside
Only a precise stamping of feet
To take down unwholesome treats
Till she secures her existence
You see, if I lay in the hay of nothing
It electrifies me, burn like “fire shot up in my bones”
So till then
I will sing preach, write, paint and draw
Lead, build, be all I can be
Till Eden comes


All I want is you…

The word rage heard you coming at it
With a fist up its face
Blow up the next phase
Muttering, I need a break..
From who, me?
So much to say, words never fit
Feet stamped not so much as a lift
Mind on marathon so is sense
You wear no smile so is no pretense
Something in me broke
The moment you closed the door behind you
How would I ever tell you sorry
How would I ever tell you
I ceased living, loving, laughing
Since you’ve been gone, I lost the boyish grin you adore
Every now and then my breath stops
At the sound of your voice
Noting it in the midst of many noise
Drops in pain, t’was only my heart recalling
How will I ever tell you
Loving you is easy
Like this iceberg I am
Fire you are, burn burn
You turn me into this inferno of ecstasy
Igniting my dark world with flames of love
How do I tell you
The day you chose to walk away
I bowed my head in pain, my longing heart broke in pieces
How do I tell you
Am still holding on, longing
And I want you back
How do I tell you since you’re faraway unknown place
How do I tell you…

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