NATURE – A masterpiece / Poem by Maria Dulce Leitao Reis

Poem by Maria Dulce Leitao Reis


NATURE – A masterpiece

I see the hills in the distance
Green lacy hills
By the remains of snow.
Untracked fields
No paths, no tracks
Where no one stepped
Flooded with wildflowers
Of all colours
All sizes and shapes.
Virgin nature
That no one has defiled.
The air is deliciously fragrant
Breathing is heavenly
I’m in paradise!
Bees, damselfly and butterflies
In an eagerness
Sucking nectar from the flowers.
I wash my gaze
Delighted in this wonder
I widen my eyes
Letting them wander aimlessly
Until they get drunk
Of smells and emotions.
Oh if the butterflies could talk …

What would they say?

The nectar of each flower
Is deliciously sweet!
No matter which flower
If it is white, yellow or red
Big or small.
The petals may even be dirty
Or tattered
They are nonetheless flowers.
No matter how they look!

In short: One must learn to see the beauty in all things. Although some look ugly, if we are more attentive, we find beauty and the ugly duckling, after all, is a beautiful swan.
Nature is lavish and all creation is fantastic. The notion of beauty is controversial, it depends on the eye of the beholder, depth of feeling, the level of inner joy and pain with which we look!
Nature is a masterpiece that combines painting and poetry. A beautiful canvas, an excellent poem.
It’s an incredible privilege, being able to contemplate and drink this wonder…
The only problem is that some of us, her tenants, are blind and deaf to sublime so wonderful art. We destroy it and we plant trash everywhere!

Poetry / Prose, Combo

© Maria Dulce Leitao Reis
Pic, Pixabay

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