Joseph S. Spence, Sr : Nice Halloween Poetic Suite: Greetings For The Season So Sweet!

Joseph S. Spence, Sr

Nice Halloween Poetic Suite: Greetings For The Season So Sweet!

Author’s Synopsis: This sweet candy Halloween poetic suite is dedicated to everyone. I think worldwide humanity should experience the knowledge regarding Halloween and the fun it brings to individuals, children and parents alike with trick or treating for a nice variety of sweet candy. Therefore, I have written this poetic suite for educational and inspirational purposes. I have included a variety of senryu reflection on spirited emotion for fun, my own created Epulaeryu poem, poet Omar Khayyam styled stanza, and a narrative form on a Salem doctor. Remember, poetry is the natural medicine healing the souls of worldwide humanity! Additionally, happy new month of November everyone. May this month be a blessing for each of you!

(1) Halloween Trick or Treat Sweetness (Senryu)

Halloween is here
treat me with some sweet candy
I love your sweetness

© Joseph S. Spence, Sr., 10/31/19
All Rights Reserved

The Japanese Senryu format has three lines as follows: the first has five syllables, second seven syllables, and third five. The pattern is 5/7/5, total of seventeen syllables. Senryu is about an emotional expression, and human realms which maybe satiric or humorous.

(2) Halloween Sugar (Senryu)

your autumn sweetness
pouring out on Halloween
give me some candy

© Joseph, 10/31/19
All Rights Reserved

3) Halloween Cat (Senryu)

cat don’t cross my path
or turn the wrong way
her apple is in my eyes

4) Halloween Candy (Epulaeryu Poetry)

Halloween candy so nice
Like sugary spice
Crispy, creamy, and chocolate
With tasty raisins
Trick or treat goblins
My tooth is

Joseph S. Spence, Sr., 10/31/19
© All Rights Reserved

“Epulaeryu” poetry is about delicious food and drinks. This one is on Halloween sweet candy and chocolate covered apples. It has seven lines and thirty-three syllables. The first line has seven syllables, second line five, third line seven, fourth line five, fifth line five, sixth line three, and seventh line only one syllable with an exclamation mark. Each line has one thought of to the main meal. The form is 7/5/7/5/5/3/1. Corresponding lines are built around the meal, and concludes with the last line expressing excitement about the meal. The Epulaeryu poetic form was invented by Joseph S. Spence, Sr.

6) Halloween Escapade – The Alluringly Sweet Adventure!

With bright moon on Halloween night I went to a Salem doctor
He looked at me weirdly and inquired what is the matter?
I told him it’s Halloween and I have a itchy golden sweet tooth
He stated he is not a dentist and tried to give me the boot!

He tried to straightened my nose and I started hollering
Resting my javelin, I told him stop, I am the Halloween goblin.
He left and returned with an iron ball and a chain attached
Tried to throw me in a pool of bubbling water and I snapped!

He wanted to see if I would sink or swim in the pool
Told him it was cool, I float in pools, and I am no fool.
The nurse heard the commotion came running inside
She threw me a sweet goodies bag and said—“Stay alive!”

I started gobbling sweet gummy bears and the doctor fainted
I loved all her gummies and goodies so we got acquainted.
She twitched her nose, reached up, got her hat off the rack
With a Jack-O-Lantern smile she said—“Don’t even look back.

Stepping out the door she said—”Ride on brother goblin!”
Hopping on my broom, we went jumping at apple bobbing!

© Joseph S. Spence, Sr., 10/31/19
All Rights Reserved

7) Omar Khayyam Style Halloween Quatrain Poem

An autumn’s night of sweet candy, goblins, and gooey gobbling things
Black dresses floating, wailing on flying brooms with whirling wings
Bright moon soon, no doom, weird screaming cats on an autumn’s hayride
Run inside and hide—there is a one-eyed Frankenstein’s bride outside!

© Joseph S. Spence, Sr., 10/31/19
All Rights Reserved

Dedication: To the spirit of Halloween poetry. I took advantage of the early autumn’s breeze just walking along many streets. Looking at the decorations on lots of houses, I conceived the idea for this neat quatrain lines. They are like sweet candy and chocolate covered apples. I hope you like it with every bite of delight tonight. Quatrain is a poem consisting of four lines or verse with a specific rhyming scheme. A few examples are: abab, abba (envelope rhyme), aaba (Omar Khayyam’s favorite style), and/or aabb.

Final Comment: Hopefully, this Halloween poetic suite enlightens one thought about the day. It’s a lot of fun, expressions, and one can make it as desire. This is my envisioning of the day, sweet candy, chocolate covered apples, and lots of chewy gummy bears and throwing of kisses! I just love it!

Finally, happy new month of November to everyone. May this month be a blessing to you. Have an awesome day, stay encouraged, inspired, ingenious, and resilient.

Blessings always!

Joseph S. Spence, Sr. (Epulaeryu Master)
Senior Advisor to the Founder of Motivational Strips Poetry Platform (Oman)
Ambassador of World Peace (Nigeria, Africa)
World Poetry Star, World Nation Writers Union (Kazakhstan)
Ambassador De Literature (Oman)
Poetry Bard (UK)
Independent Poetry Laureate (USA)
Who’s Who in Poetry (USA)
Pentasiv B World Friendship Poetry Poet (Philippines)
Poetry Gold Medal Honor (Nigeria, Africa)
Poetry Ambassador Medal (USA)
Master of Creative Impulse, Philosophique Poetica (India)
Ambassador of Human Rights, Diplomacy, and World Peace (Indonesia)

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