Poems by Radhakrishnan Krishnan 

Poems by Radhakrishnan Krishnan 



When heart is filled with music of soul,
Thoughts add limbs to poesy in whole,
Poesy dances dazzlingly on the pages,
To the tune of soul’s whispers for ages.

The fuel of love turns words in to blaze,
Riding in the light of heaven is its rays,
Radiating every particle of our existence,
Transcending terrestrial limits and distance.

Leaping to measure celestial territories,
Poesy dances in paradise in its glory,
The Creator and creativity merge in to one,
When poesy’s whirl and twirl is done.

Poesy’s feet bound by no boundaries,
Its pirouette not restrained in any country,
Even mighty time can’t dare to tame,
When poesy dances to endless fame.



Both are the sources of spiritual solace,
Intended to make our soul flawless,
Lending voice to deepest emotions,
Heart releasing feelings in steady motion.

Originated seamlessly as one expression,
To heal the soul from suppression,
Vedas and Gita are linguistic precision,
Poetry and prayer have clear relations.

Bible has hymns and psalms,
That qualifies as poetry without qualms,
Rhythmic ‘choupais’ of Ram Charit Manas,
They form a treasure of perfect verses.

Our heritage has innumerable poet-saints,
Through verses, blissful paradise they did paint.
Poetry and prayers are so similar,
Both are in devotion to entity invisible.



She was the queen of beauty of all ages,
Made so by Shakespeare’s pages,
Enchantress of Egypt with mystic splendor,
Fairest woman with waist so slender.

You may call it as my blessed or cursed destiny,
To be her chosen paramour,preferred over Marc Antony,
Though I am not a king with wealth or power,
Nor an eves circling passion flower.

Oh, immortal sorceress, thou shalt never be mine,
Though thou art be the tantalizing fantasy of men,
Thou may be conqueror but I shall never be your conquest,
Thy amorous designs should be put under wraps to rest,

Oh, woman of history and great mystery,
Also of deceit and debauchery,
Though you enticed great warriors with your charm,
Your alluring beauty can do me no harm.

I made my queen a promise that I will in my lifetime hold,
To walk together through life’s aisle even after we get too old,
No force in heaven or earth can wean me away from this bond,
Lasting bond of love in our lifetime and beyond.

At the most, I will agree for a photo session,
With you as memory, and that too with my queen’s permission,
Spare me from your vampiric addiction,
We are just strangers met on a vacation.

© K.Radhakrishnan

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