Dr. Aprilia Zank (Germany)

Dr. Aprilia Zank (Germany)
Dr. Aprilia Zank is a lecturer for Creative Writing and Translation Theory from Germany. She is also a poet, a translator and editor of anthologies. She writes verse in English and German, and was awarded a prize at the “Vera Piller” Poetry Contest in Zurich. Her poetry collection, TERMINUS ARCADIA, was 2nd Place Winner at the Twowolvz Press Poetry Chapbook Contest 2013.
Her bilingual book BAREFOOT TO ARCADIA was translated in Telugu by the eminent Indian poet Dr. L. S. R. Prasad and published in India in 2018. Her Beat poetry collection READING THE SIGNS was launched in the USA in 2019. Aprilia has received wide recognition in both western and eastern countries for her merits and achievements. She is active in many literary and artistic groups, a frequent judge in poetry and photography competitions, and a member of the editorial boards of advisors of prestigious literary platforms. Her poems have been translated in many languages all over the world. Aprilia is also a passionate photographer. Many of her images are prize winners and have been selected for poetry book covers.
Poems by Dr. Aprilia Zank
tiny islands of being
when time breaks
in shards of memories
and you live
on tiny islands of being
in a vain attempt
to refute the laws of entropy,
the velvet stone under your nape
smooth, weather polished
won’t be enough to fill the gaps
in the walls of the citadel
we throw coins
into odd wishing wells
concentric ripples expand
break on unyielding rocks
while vultures rotate
above unaware preys
and in secret chambers of flesh
rivulets of ecstasy
crave to burst
from the depth of self-made
Elk Island
the call of the owl
tears the rigid air
ice wins over fire
reason over desire
the moose we are looking for
stay hidden from us
only small woods creatures
seek the warmth of the earth
beneath our feet
a bird call lures into the depths
but time is pressing
the path is strenuous
and unpredictable
the destination uncertain
in the rising moonlight
the bison
chew at eternity
this rain came
too early
to wash off
the non-waterproof glue
I had unknowingly taken
to paste together
this shelter of
recycled paper
dead birds’ feathers
bought by the pound
to feed the dogs
this wind came too soon,
blew sparkling sand
off my eyelashes
bare eyeballs
after steady rain
craving for rainbows
between bed and door
failure messages
dislocated word-order
the print of eyes
on the nape
the betrayal of breath
when I opened the window
after the rain
the words dissipated
left me

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