Poems by Dr. Gita Mohanty

Poems by Dr. Gita Mohanty


Thought of calling you

Thought of calling you,
Then realized, I don’t know you,
Really who are you,
And you don’t know me too,

And what is there to say,
It’s nothing out of the way,
It’s life’s lows and highs,
Everyone have to pass by,

Darkness and shine,
Is just a routine in every mind,
About which emotion I would talk,
There are so many lined up,
Waiting outside, I can hear them knock,

If not good, thought of sharing some of my bad,
But didn’t like to give you a share from my sad,
So, I hold myself back,
Thinking of this and that,

Realized you have your own,
On you it would be too much of burden,
If I can’t share yours,
I shouldn’t be adding over,

You have your own
And I have mine,
Like everyone else have their own kind,
Lows and agonies filled till the intestine,
It’s not only about yours and mine,
Let me push the load, bit on the destine,

To get rid of darkness,
I squeezed out the whole sky,
To capture a bit of light,
The sky started laughing,
Saying, ‘don’t you know you are trying in the night’
It’s ridiculous your this fight,
For the light
Stood under the day sky, stretching my arms,
The sky said still I’m not in a mood, let the clouds be calm,

Let me call Him,
Hello hello hello God, are you listening?
I’m falling and calling,
God replied, don’t worry,
‘I’m holding, you wouldn’t be falling’,
But keep on calling, as I’m not at all listening,
Till you resolve your own and settling.


Remembering you on your Birthday

Still you are sitting there, beside me,
In that same bench, I can see,
For all my mischiefs, frowning and giggling,
And yet we didn’t let that time rolling,
When I close my eyes I see, still we are chilling,

I remember our school uniform, blue frock,
One of the bottom on your back, was always broke,
It was still hanging on that spot,
The new one you never bought,
It never mattered to you, you were of that shot,

Those cute recklessness makes you my dear, ‘the you’,
Your innocency and simplicity,
And I have fallen for you,
Those make you my darling too cute,
Never found yet your substitute,

My bosom buddy, my sweetheart,
Today is your Happy Birthday,
And very well I remember that,
Let’s go for a coffee and have some old chitchat,
Let me give you a ride to those school days back
By the way, you have my gift at your door,
Please open my surprise and make sure,
If someone has taken it, don’t get bother,
Remember it’s that mischievous friend of your,
Happy birthday to you my loving dear,
I wouldn’t let you miss per sure,
Tons of my love,
and a big tight hug.

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