My Christmas wish / Poem by William T. Fearby

Poem by William T.  Fearby


My Christmas wish

Every day my heart breaks a little bit more
It’s been 11 years since you walked out of the door
You left me broken and so confused I don’t know why
Every time I look at your picture I start to cry

You were only 16 years old and so full of joy
The love of my life our lovely little boy
One day you were there the next day you were gone
Now every day I miss you more I don’t want to go on

The worst thing is not knowing did I do something wrong
I keep blaming myself carrying this guilt for so long
Why did you leave me without telling me why
I have forgotten how to laugh I only know how to cry

You would be 27 years old now probably with a family too
I have missed so much of my life since the day I lost you
Why can’t you let me know what’s going on in your head
The worst feeling is not knowing if you are alive or dead

This Christmas day is like any other a day full of pain
Just watching the door and hoping I will see you again
I have all your birthday and Christmas presents sat on your bed
Along with all your posters on the wall of bowie and radiohead

Everything is just the same waiting for you to come home again
I can’t even wash your clothes it causes me way too much pain
Your walkman is still on the table at the side of your bed
The faint scent on your bed clothes still clouds my head

I can’t bring myself to wash any of your clothes
All I have left of you is the scent of you in my nose
When I feel at my lowest and think I have lost all hope
I curl up on your bed to feel close this helps me to cope

I will never stop looking for you for the rest of my days
I miss you so much and love you in so many ways
So this Christmas day please spare a thought for the lost
And lets bring them home no matter how much it may cost

To lose a child is more than any parent can bear
So lets all get together and show we all care
Lets try and reunite with our children whatever they have done
So please help us find all our missing daughters and sons

And make this a happy Christmas day filled with love
This is my Christmas wish I pray to god above
That every missing person we somehow are able to reunite
And bring joy to all mankind on this silent holy night

William T Fearby 22/11/2019

(C)@William T Fearby

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