Poems by Aroop Mitra

Poems by Aroop Mitra



Peering across the arcades and bedevilments
cypress shaded , the ambling walks aspire

in the enclosure alongside , the tables deserted now
waiters taking their siestas the patrons all scattered

sunning themselves , the active ones at dominoes
taking stakes per points lost or for credit ; the wild ones

risk strategic covers , cool wavelets sulkily lapping
and , miles away , treading the fallen messes

the lone figure stalks his yesterday’s shadows
whistling arias that swell to bubble shapes and drift

recounting tales of golden days : rescuing maidens
and similar assortments of heroic chivalry

now regained as bouquets of primula and violets
drying after late afternoon showers

mind a panopticon of passages pungent once
the bittersweetness had calcified it’s mean

dialectic laid to well deserved rest under the stars
signatured to a life squeezed out of grief and struggle

( c ) AROOP MITRA , 21st Nov , 2019



The will
to survive
lets go


the residue


etchings extrude
wax base

superimposed on
iconic squiggles

orioles whirl
around each
skeins reflect
within other
unearthly calm

nods , gentles tautsprung by well side
flummoxed slack
moss overrun wet shale
wedged adamantine
bent inheritance slugs hobnob snails
frogspawn , larvae
meadowsweet megaliths
cress , bracken off mildewy
truffles , druids spiralling smilax
frozen gryphons invoke
wormwood starseed dragons burrow
earthbound shennanigans

nanoseconds plop
Basho’s dream
cerise is the sky
sprinkles my dress
while I garner blossoms
teardrops of the redeemed
and warblers watch
perched and clattering

thus many moons sped by the streamside mosses
traced over by the rustling bark , boughs creak in the gusts
the altars pillaged by vandals ; the sepals
engorged , set off by the invasive crimson foliage
reddening with occasional outbursts of yellow gold
acts of arson : slopes ramble off to fogged
meaninglessness , fresh arpeggios of rime

they stutter
enacting insidious
accusations , acts
that reify valor
misdeeds in grime

grim , clasped shut
gaunt tabletop mountain
leering across / the farther shore
& reaches for the ursurers
the banking cronies hustling
the economy like a casino
cowering in their dens
Nature aloof in her gross sway
meandering tessellations cut
swathes thru leaf , briar and scrub
for so dawns nascent moonwisdom

Truth evanesces
from strato-cumulus

sustaining wavelengths
erupt into chansons

Telling myself
To a passing soul
No less than
A hissing ghoul

Sipping merry
Elderberry wine
Never weary
‘ Tis just divine

The years rush by
Ev’ry creeping day
My sums add down
Hurrah ! hoo-ray !

Here you confess
Or simply scan
To scrabble access
Follies of Man

It was just
A rare device
Snared betwixt
Flames , and ice

Falling dusk & leaves
And to turn the pages
But barely retrieves
Treasured images

Chapters culled out from ” My Life ” , smuggled
into realms where thought is exotic , a priapic art
Pages curated to be carted as waste , recycled as karmic
Pulp as lives in other strata can subsist. Jagged scraps
saved from manuscript scroll flutter flags of defiance.
The downtrodden thrive on liberation and suchlike myths
Overturning itself , trash begets more trash , mockery reigns
Gresham’s Law persists , candid , civilisation is ashes

Actions define us. Our vagrant losses pile up
speedier that bills of lading , promissory notes , more
Moronic than preaching. Harder it seems to save face , our petty
flesh & bones. Leaves outline a lacy firmament where
Comets get high on juice. The gulf widens imposing terms
and conciliatory equations. These underscore the gross bet
Or farce they call it. Staying Human. Our mere glasses distort
the yearnings. Peace ! The penultimate warnings chill out.

® Aroop Mitra. 16/10/2019/. Work in progress from 1995/



Dusk sweeps by with a covert glance —-
grasses in the glade bow to Wind God
titmice scurry past seasonal leafage
littering the soil , archeobacteria hard at
self appointed jobs , decomposing , alchemy
when gold crisps emerge from green gold foliage
cotyledons fresh from uterine darkness basking in
ample moisture , bubbling from subterranean springs
unflexes so seamless , triceps ripple blue and lucent
spirals run , frolic , luxuriating in lapidary mellowness
for when you sniff pores yawn , stretch and submit
collective nerves a-tingling , tousled cornstalks share
their bounty , as falcons and hawks set off screeches
A rusty door shudders open straining arthritic hinges
for as Ursa Major beckons occult aromas herald
her regal approach as mistress-mother earth heir to ,
exalted mien exudes mesmeric glissades , unclosing
palms : accents of cairn , flora , waterfall , cove , beach :
all indulged with grave , albeit rarer compassion
scanning untold aeons , earthéd with sacred caress
hoary testament to this awe as plover calls illumine
even as groves and sunny deodar forests set crescendos —
rains amid pealing thunder
the hidden names undercut all creation :
inanimate basaltic strata or pulsing mitochondria —-
and at sleep’s margins time no longer ripples onward
slender fingers of spring glean the harvests , plaiting straws
impalpably plucking notes out the incessant nagging rain

®Aroop Mitra 2019. Rights asserted & reserved.

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