Suada Suljic Sokolovic ( Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Suada Suljic Sokolovic ( Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Suada Suljic Sokolovic was born 22.08.1955 in Bosnian city of Tuzla. In 1976.,at the Yougoslav Institute of Journalism in Belgrade,she receive a degree in journalism.

Poetry and prose she started writing since childhood. Her work have been published in numerous international commmon books,also in Anthology of world writes,which is publisher World Literature Academy. She is author of seven ,prose and poetry,books :

  • ”The road to uncertainty”
  • ”On the wings of the wind”  3. “Fate “    4.” It is neither in heaven nor on earth”.
  • ” The man who lst his identity”   6.”Temptation”  and  7. “The path to truth”.

In preparation for print is her novel  “Delete Traces “.

Her literary works ha been rewarded.Between many awards,she has Silver Plaque which she received from Association of Bosnian writer. She is member of Australian writer Association and Bosnian  writer Association . Suada lived in Germany since 1992.till 1998. Since 1998.she live and write in Melboure –Australia.


Poems by Suada Suljic Sokolovic 


I love words
that radiate warmth,
words that
smell of love.
I love words that can
send peace messages,
words that warm
our hearts.
I love words that know
everyone’s smile to give.
I love words that caress like
a summer breeze when mashed.
Words that can break
the blurred thought in the air,
the words the birds
carry in their beak,
so the stars flicker and
the galaxies swear
they won’t collide.
May the beautiful word
always follow us.
The mountain and hills
may crumble,
but my love for you
will never end.
I will love you ,
like now,always,
till we get old,
until the sun
gets cold.
In the rain,
you know for me
sunshine find,
you are always
very kind.
Your face bloomed
like a beautiful flower
and stole my heart.
Make it yours now.
Let the two hearts
beat together.
As thoughts over the oceans float,
dreams caressing the distance.
The wind brings me the smell
Of baked chestnuts
from my mother’s stove.
I gather dust from the hearth,
the fogs are spreading
but they cannot
cover my memories.
In that memories are
my mothe’s warm hands
and all my joys.
I love these sources
same as a kid
loves his toys.
Far from the homeland
I look for happy days,
but I don’t see
the sun’s rays.
Australia you should know
that you are our second Mother.
You are beter from all countries,
Such as Germany,Italy,Sweden,Spain,
you understand everyone’s pain.
You helped everyone
who is fleeing from the war
and wanted only to preserve
the life and nothing more.
For refugee’s wound you are the balm
In you is warm as in Hawaii
under a tree called Palm.
According to your goodness
and democracy
in the world you are the first.
You gave us good time,happy days,
you re warm as the suns’s rays.
Your population of more 120
different nations have
but there is nothing bad,
to live in Australia,I’m really glad.
You appreciate the honesty
and character you find
in the people,
for skin color and religion
you do not mind.
We are proud to be
your citizens.
The wind swept away
our bad memories like a dust,
war,fear and concern is now past.
Australia,you helped to all immigrants
“Welcome” you say !
Australia,we love you more and more
every night and every day..

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