UNDER THE SKIN / Poem by Ahmed ALsaeid


She has been received an enigmatic primal brain waves ..
Well ..
she learned how to read the drawing on the wall of caved …
and yes ma’am..
yes sir ..
The same mind ordered that hand .
The same side of your darkened land .
and even if she can’t make you understand
how her life in her hand like grains of sand
but she was there before ..
Not once..
Nor twice
Not three or four .
And she found you behind each door ..
And she did spit her heart on the floor ..
And she threw her mind for not being sure..
she has nothing for you to sell..
you have nothing for her to buy ..
You are a beauty in this hell ..
And who among them can deny?..
But only seeing you that way ..
with one single eye ..
Sadly her other one reverses ..
the earth with the sky ..
she has been blessed .
with seeing the dust turning to gold ..
and been cursed ..
with seeing the gold turning to dust ..
All the gold in this world ..
Killing the meaning in its lust ..
So follow your first mystic herd ..
and fly so high ..
for she has no formal herd ..
and for the herd ..
she doesn’t cry ..
she has lived a million years
observing winter’s moon ..
between the hope and fears
which one can be our boon ?
and she was the mid of night
and she was the mid of noon
and she was the cold in sight
under the burning sun of June
she has loved to say :i love you
only for the sake of the ” I ”
and so is everyone you know
kissing the essence with goodbye
And she does not care
if in yourself ..
she does live or die ..
humans for what inside themselves .
always tend to lie ..
you have missed nothing here ..
even if you didn’t try ..
and she missed everything there
and what remains
is just a sigh
If we are not sure
of the meaning of her road .
Then our story is being wasted
by an illusive hood .
And If her meaning is being wasted anyway .
she gonna write it on her own way ..
and I said
Let it be . let it go ..
and she said
Let the peace of God be with you .
Because she is the coward ..
And she is the brave .
and in that circle
she would always behave .
she has worshiped herself
until she become the slave .
she already cried long enough
on everyone’s grave ..


Ahmed ALsaeid

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