Rebellious She / Poem by Augustin Joseph

Poem by Augustin Joseph
Rebellious She
Is she an angel or a femme fatale,
Sure is not from an regular fairytale,
Her tastes are odd, her words are natty
Her smiles are proud, Her flairs are classy
She has a deep pleasure for colour dark,
Were her vivid shades dazzle its spark,
Her beliefs are written in hieroglyphic art
Her eyes shine with traces of unique smart
never heard her songs or what she hummed
yet like sirens song I still follow in her chord
I don’t know how she looks or how she feels
Yet this fusion of rare spirit fills my appeals
Still I am sure whenever she give away her smile
So bright even the stars from skies becomes exile
for the immature tongues she will always be a grime
whose religion are willing to punish her rebellious rhyme,
And yet her mystical presence is a beautiful sublime
For she defines the finest enigmatic charm of life
She never needed wings for her faith or in her clouts
Her soul feral with insights she strode above the clouds
never in her pride she had to stumble for silly causes.

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