A Case of the Sorrows of Syria: God’s Sovereignty and Sparrows / Poem by Dr. Stella L. Luna

Poem by Dr. Stella L. Luna


A Case of the Sorrows of Syria: God’s Sovereignty and Sparrows

Five year old Little Fatima was in tears.
Her voice weak and soft, almost inaudible.
She has gained consciousness and feeling the pain now.
Not seeing anything from her body, unable to move an inch,
Peeking though a tiny gap from the slabs that have fallen on her body
She could see a ray of light, it was like mid noon.
She could hear the voices of men and the sound of a drilling instrument.
The noise of its humming and buzzing and pounding seem so near.
Pressed on the ground her body weak and frail and almost numb,
Her mother maybe crying and praying now
Her father would have been looking for men to help find her,
That is, if they were still both alive.
She thinks of her little sister Amira,
Her frail two year old body could have given up.
Earlier she was still grabbing on to her hand
While they lay hanging in a section of the collapsed
building they lived in
She hears her father’s voice, but not her mother.
Shouting for help crying, his last hopes for her two daughters.

Fatima recalls playing in the basement with her
Before the sound of a blast wave.
A pounding pressure and explosion
has turned the quiet day into a nightmare.
The explosion sound made from the bomb was extremely loud.
The blast from the bomb was extremely loud.
The air strike had caused the building’s collapse
and then moments later flattened.
In a moment she will be exhumed from the debris as men
lifts up the rubble with bare hands
Hearing the cries of children, and babies.

The White Helmets have come, first responders
racing for time.
Alas, someone has now held her in his hands,
She will be fine.
Baby Amira was taken in, retrieved from the rubble.
On the way to the hospital, it was tragic.
Fatima died while her baby sister was taken into
ICU fighting for her life.
While her father and mother have died on
the scene of the blast.
Baby Amira the soul survivor, was a reminder of
a grim mid day airstrike in Idlib,
The last opposition stronghold,
And like Aleppo, and northern Hama
Have witnessed eight years of civil war
A life of atrocities and fear,
A life of uncertainty and dehumanization .
Years have gone by forcing Syrians to flee from their homes
A worldwide outrage and outpouring of sentiments have ensued,
causing a massive humanitarian crisis in modern times.
But where are they who rule and govern and impose power and authority
Where are the peacemakers and humanitarians in the midst of all these
Where are the concrete actions, not just call to action?
How can the world just sit and watch?
Or are they immune? The indifference and silence
To the ever increasing effects of wars and the distress of nations
Something deemed normal in the last days
When the love of many have waxed cold.
Deists some are called, believing that God intervenes not,
Or even sleeps.

As Damascus shall become a ruinous heap
and will cease to be a city,
As prophecy comes to pass and fulfills the demise of humanity,
As God’s divine plan and timeline comes to reality,
We are then reduced to our mere existence dependent on a sovereign God Almighty.

God who orchestrates the destinies of sparrows
as well as nations,
He gives us the heart of the matter:
“Do not fear.” We are often tempted to fear;
We want to give in to sheer terror at times.
God Almighty will be the conductor of a great
symphony of judgment.
He will tell each angel and even the demons when it is their time to “come in” and play their part.
No one will act without His direction.
“And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars:
see that ye be not troubled:
for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.”
God’s sovereignty very much plays a role in each of our lives.
Jesus, wanting us to recognize that the sovereign control of the Almighty extends to… little sparrows.
He says:
Are not two sparrows sold for a copper coin?
And not one of them falls to the ground apart
from your Father’s will. (Matthew 10:29)
And so even the destinies, lives, and deaths of little birds
They lie entirely in the hands of God.
“Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows”.

Dr. Stella L. Luna
All Rights reserved.

Amb. Dr. Stella. L. Luna is a poet and writer, journalist and blogger from the Philippines.
She is a Global Goodwill Ambassador for Peace, Humanity, and Creativity; the Ambassador for Peace, Institute for Peace and Development INSPAD, Global Icon of Literature (Poetry) and World Peace from Galaxy International Foundation. A social and human rights, women, health and sustainability activist. She is a Watchman for Christ.

Author’s Notes:

Article: KYIV Post
Time: UN criticizes international community ‘indifference’ to Syria war
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