I’ M HAPPY / Poem by Rahim Karim

Poem by Rahim Karim



I’m happy,
Because, the fourth day
my heart pain doesn’t bother me.
I began to think only of myself
worry about your health.
For many have repeatedly reproached me for
that in vain I worry about the Earth,
for the planet
for humanity.
Advised me to enjoy my personal life,
admired the Light
cherished every minute his life.
They claimed that you were nothing anyway
can not help …
What a pity that I have not done this for sixty years.
I am very sorry about that.
Now I will live only for myself
I will enjoy the remaining piece
own life.
I don’t care about Wuhan
where people die from the virus.
I’m absolutely not interested
riots in Kazakhstan.
I am indifferent to floods
in Australia, etc.
I sleep peacefully.
I eat calmly.
I sleep peacefully.
My hut is on the edge.
I do not see anything.
I hear nothing.
I will rejoice at the sun,
I will enjoy the moon
I will enjoy the air.
Thank God I’m healthy.
In a word, I am happy.
Forgive me people
if I intervened in your life.

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