Onyi / Poem by Hector Genotype

Poem by Hector Genotype



Onyi is a day, made when God was at peace
with peace…

Like the nipples
that stands like the two apples
in the garden of every man’s Eden
when feelings are needed.

Onyi is the one whom my heart is at peace ,
her visage will I adore a quasi millennium
to discover all earth metals, aluminium
except cranium?

Her eyes flashes like roes
of tomatoes…

harvested by a perpendicular rigid bent hoes
used for digging of rows

Her nose is like the Zion’s- mountains,
where Jesus and his followers will rule like lions,
finely separated from dust, dirt without stain

Love, is only but yesterday,
where we were just like a child at play,
how fast those moments flee,
furious and fast like the squad of a bee !

I can vividly remember when in the church,
those whose members confesses on a couch.

She’s beautiful,
like those who are in their youthful
those who brag !

She’s like the autumn, she’s bright like auburn,
she’s cuprous , she’s vigorous!

Happy Valentine baby

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