A LETTER TO ALL “From your Valentine” / Poem by Dr. George Onsy

A LETTER TO ALL “From your Valentine”
Two days before, you celebrated
My day with flowers, red hearts,
Kisses, hugs, and songs of joy
And all that is nice.
But I just want to make
My message clear:
They say that
I’m the Patron of Lovers,
As Chaucer’s 700-line poem
‘The parliament of the Fowls’
Was heartedly read
On February 14, 1383
To make my departure day
A special day for lovers.
They say that
I was a Godman who defied the order
Of emperor Claudius Gothicus’ command
Prohibiting soldiers from marriage
When I secretly performed
sacred weddings for them.
They say that
To remind men of their vows
And God’s love, I used to
Cut hearts from parchments,
giving them to those soldiers
They say that
On the evening before my execution,
I prayed to restore the sight
To my jailer’s daughter.
So, the little Julia could see
The first “Valentine” card
I sent myself: “From your Valentine”.
They say that
After my execution, she planted
A pink-blossomed almond tree
Near my grave.
So, the almond tree remains,
Since that time, a living symbol
Of abiding love and friendship.
They say that
I wore a purple amethyst ring,
With an image of Cupid engraved in it,
So, Roman soldiers would recognize
The ring and ask me to perform
Marriage for them.
Hasn’t amethyst become
The birthstone of February
Which is thought to attract love?
They say that
Lovebirds are coupled
This time of the year
And men choose names
Of girls to marry
From a jar on my day.
Whatever you take for a fact
Whatever you take for a legend
From all what they say,
I would say:
I defied the earthly power
To prepare souls for
Heavenly life
And bodies for a sacred marriage.
Yes, the Flaminian Gate of Rome
Still bears witness of my martyrdom
And the history keeps a record
Of February 14, 269.
For a Greater Love,
I lived and sacrificed my life
And for that same love
I gave blood and heart
of the same color,
You celebrate my day in,
Every year of your history.
With the design, I’ve tried to put together.

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