Ibrahim Honjo ( Bosnia and Herzegovina – Canada)

Ibrahim Honjo ( Bosnia and Herzegovina – Canada)
Ibrahim Honjo was born on April 16, 1948, in the former Yugoslavia (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Since January 1995, he has lived in Canada.
Honjo is a poet-writer, sculptor and painter, photographer, who writes in his native language and in English. His work has appeared in many magazines, newspapers in Yugoslavia, Canada, and the USA.
He is the author of 30 published books. (21 in Serbo-Croatian and 9 in the English language). He is a co-author in two poetry books with Serbian poets Vesna Kerecki and Tatjana Debeljacki. His poems published in more than 30 anthologies. His poetry ware translated into Italian, Korean, Spanish, Slovenian, Polish, Mongolian, German and Bahasa (Malaysia) language.
Honjo has participated in many literary events, international festivals, and two literary conferences. He awarded several times for his poetry.
Honjo has an unpublished book of Aphorisms, a book of short stories and novel “On the Edges of Nightmares.” Currently he is writing the novel “Capitalism yes, but…” and a new poetry collection “From me to me”.
You always loved me only in the spring
while cherries blossom in our neighborhood
and I only heard about it
when the newspaper published the news
that the first Herzegovinian Cherries
traditionally used to be displayed on Viennese tables
by color and size
in other seasons
there were no identifiable signs of your love
I searched for you
between the buds of cherries
sought you in the blossoming of other fruit
and in the flowers
but have not found even the slightest trace of your love
I am afraid
the cherry-tree will stop blossoming
and the distinctive symbols of identification
on the Viennese tables
will disappear
I am afraid
You will never love me in some other blossoming
Do not look at sparkling waters
and do not stir them in your melancholy
because that could spoil them
resting and hugging a stone cliff
on this sunny day
silence drowns in the green river
your soul and the waves reach for each other
your thoughts wistfully wander
while overlooking the faint rip in the river
sitting on a rock above the river
adorned as a bride in white
the humble view is propped up
on her murmur
absent from this moment
where the river reveals your dilemma
look around you, today
listen to the river’s song,
It speaks of birds and stone
realize how lucky you are
it tells you its secrets
I offer you my arms
You are surprised
I give you two eyes
You become fascinated
We waltz
Through the stale air of verses
You float blindly
We stop behind endless greenery
You enter someone else’s door
You jump over ancient fences
You leave
You come back
I look at what is happening
Unexpectedly and passing by
You stand on my foot
And talk about fashion of the nineties
The smell of naphthalene in my nose
You are talking about the latest fashion trend
You are going away
My stretched-out arms are hanging in disappointment
Hugging empty space
Bon voyage

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