SUMMER / Poem by Satis Shroff 

Poem by Satis Shroff 



It’s Summer where moist southern winds prevail.
Your body, mind and spirit,
Are one with Nature.
The flowers bloom and cherries get ripe,
‘Kaphal pakyo, kaphal pakyo,’
Sings a a bird.
The day lengthens
And the clouds cannot hide the Surya.
Soon great clouds bring rain.
Indra gives his blessing:
A gift to many,
A curse for few.
The sun shines now
And the leaves sag.
The frogs dive in the pond,
The dragon fly hovers awhile.
There’s life and beauty in this transient world.
Summer brings enduring happiness
To one and all,
When trees blossom and bear fruit.
The paddy planting season is over
In the Vale of Catmandu.
The Newari jyapu farmers sing songs
And rejoice.
The sun fills our lives with light,
Positive thoughts prevail.
The wonderful scent of the roses,
Butterflies dancing over Himalayan orchids.
Your fingers touch and feel
The silkiness of the rose petals.
People sing in praise of the cow for eight days.
The holy cows of Catmandu wear garlands.
The prayer wheel turns unceasingly,
O cry with me.

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