Poems by Ade Caparas

Poems by Ade Caparas



is an art
a web woven
with silky shiny threads
on an equally
artful setting…
only a calm spider
can create!

the form the shape
image a story
so deliciously sensuous
in its sculpture,
its strength
plasters a spirit of
sublime thoughts
that over-shine



life is a dance
it dances
with the world…
if it finds
the right dance
the steps the body sways
the fingers erotic moves
emote a face
of intoxicating image!

spirit shines
soul is consumed
in peace!
heart beats
in rhythm
of love!
but how how
one finds
the right dance?

the dance is
the presence of mind
the balance of
external senses
the conquer of
inner abstract senses…
viola!!! the DANCE!!!
the LIFE!!!



from moment of birth
one googles
exploits discovers
acquisitions of earthy wants…
schemes schemings
such spiraling
consciousness of contradiction
creating one’s significance!

from this childhood memories
time suddenly is in
his rational mature choice…
“what what now?”
he seemed not to grasp
the golden rails caged him!
his tired body found the sand
looking up he smiles,
“i got it at last!”

__ade c.
friday 22:36pm 19 feb 2020
sydney australia


Your poem titled “From Moment of Birth” is a poem of revolutionary pedigree because it enfolds within itself the naked realities of life as they are.The birth itself is seen as an occasion to get connected with the virtual world.The fascination with artificial intelligence starts there and then itself.The human beings become willing volunteers to the mechanisms of the wayward societies.The matter related to possession does take centre stage in the life of an individual from the very beginning of life onwards.The minds are caught up in that eternal whirlpool with no scope of escape and the self-centred ways put bottlenecks in terms of leading a life of consequence.When,life is already inserted within this material-oriented world,a mature choice is hard to come by other than having more adherence to a world of use and throw stance.The confused state of affairs prevailing in one’s life is very difficult to comprehend because of the paraphernalia of the mesmerising nature of the world around.At last,in the evening of life,the soul makes that crucial discovery regarding the divinity to which the soul must dissolve once and forever.Kudos to you for composing such a poem of marvellous nature.

Cijo Joseph Chennelil.
Kuravilangad 2020@




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