Poems by Mohammad Mohi Uddin

Poems by Mohammad Mohi Uddin
Faded Reality
Looked at wildflower
Celebrated catkin
Got the death hole
Viewed the blue
Expanded the hands
Caught the snake
Printed the dreams
Organised the lips
Gained agony
Met the stage
Tuned the lyric
Torn the vocal cord
Glanced the source of cloud
Told the heart to go
Received the plume of fire
Beholden the art
Searched for the fairness
Attained the pale reality.
I’ll be Sold
I’ll be sold, you can purchase me
At any price.
For a bigha of land?
Solely for a cup of tea.
Can make me an arranged witness
And a one eyed Hakim in the Court
Bless me, Leader, I can operate anything.
Sometimes become a hired slayer
Seize other’s accessories with force
Be the hero of a naked scene.
Can buy even my merit; if you desire, I compose
Pretending as a historian, a long hymn to you.
And can enslave me at low price at a glance
Don’t search me-
At college campus
At playground
At romance
Or at National Avenue
Trace me in the flock of the sold commodities.
Who called
Army is a defender?
Who claimed
Democracy is a leveler?
Who uttered
Science is a well wisher?
Who mentioned
Doctrine is a change maker?
Who entitled
Globalisation is an opportunity?
Who declared
United Nations is a symphony?
All are myths; no, more than myths
A galaxy of beautiful quicksand-bliss.

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