Poems by Tulsi Shrestha

Poems by Tulsi Shrestha



A period of time in the past
Much more enchanting, pleasant
And worthy to ensure as
A moment of Nostalgic Joy
A perception, A reminiscence
Essentially, often better than
That of present time.
We did all try to be a reason of
Someone’s smile and comfort.
Feel literally happy to enjoy
Achievements of friends .
No trace of Personality Clash
The purfume of Mutual Respect was there.
Hardly, Ego Conflicts among us.
Now, the race for Superiority has begun
Dramatic display emerges everywhere.
Programmed to declare Omnipotent himself.
Everyone here, thinks for himself .
Altruistic concept, are swept away
Best wishes and blessings
Are enclosed inside personal Sheath.



The sound of death amidst silence
Everywhere, every moment tandav dance death
Never seen, never heard
Such terrorism and terrorism
The frightening atmosphere of the world.
There is no place in the graveyard.
To bury the bodies.
God, Allah, Lord
For every man who calls
On the face now so
Apart from Corona
Nothing left to say.
See, this earth has shaken
From the vibration of ′′ Corona ′′ sound.
From the fear of death
Everyone’s heart is shaken.
Always in the praise of the Lord
From the common man who lost
Don’t be afraid of anyone
Dictator all, now so
If possible, if possible
Want to hide under the ground.
Owner of the earth himself
Understand that you are human
Destroyed the nature.
Your ambition and selfishness
For the sake of you
Of water, thalchar and gaganchar
Had to snatch, bastard and food too.
To save your existence
You have the existence of others too
Have to accept, have to accept.
This is the eternal rule of nature.
See now the atmosphere has changed
To the city of dreams
The deserted cemetery and
Understand the crematorium ghat
Wild creatures started to appear
At the door of your house.



I like to captivate golden beams of dawn
To play with opulent mass of your red hair .

Mellifluous melody of my love song
Recalls your attention , oh my dear !

You rush towards me stretching hands,
Weaving long hair in honour of me.

You strip off pride of your glory
To entwine with me, oh my love !

Two souls gladly fuse together
To feel the breath of ultimate joy .

Beneath the rainbow across the sky
We sing and dance with impalpable joy.

The earth paints her lover, the sky
With her passionate crimson lips .

Written by Tulsi Shrestha
Kathmandu, Nepal

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