Dr. Shamenaz Shaikh (India)

Dr. Shamenaz Shaikh (India)

Dr. Shamenaz is the Author, Co-Author, Editor and Translator of 18 international books. She has contributed poems to many international Poetry Magazines & Anthologies, like Revista, Altunis, United Sisterhood, Women of Substance, Raven Cage Magazine, Poetry Archive, Women of Reflection, Women of Passion, Poetic Souls, Feeling International, Hope Reborn, Delhi by Verse and Glomag.
Being a prolific writer, she holds a D.Phil. in English Literature from University of Allahabad, India with a specialization in South Asian Women Writers, Indian Partition Literature and New Literature. She is currently teaching English Literature at Rajarshi Tandon Mahila Mahavidhyalaya, Allahabad. She has taught English Literature and Language at S. S. Khanna Girls’ Degree College, Ewing Christian College, Allahabad University and AIET. She has professional experience for more than 17 years.
She is a member of the Editorial Board of many international journals, including Angloamericanae Journal (Macedonia), KJHSS (Azerbaijan) Anglisticum (Macedonia), IJRHS (Jordan), Cyber Literature: An Online Journal, The Context, English Literator Society, Literary Miscellany, Research Access & Expressions, Levure Litteraire (France-Germany-USA).
She regularly contributes articles to Web magazines – Boloji.com, Merinews.com and Globalasia.com.
Her blogs are:
Happiness is Like a Butterfly
Happiness is like a Butterfly
attracting everybody towards itself,
trembling and falling
from flowers to flowers.
If you try to seize it,
quickly it turns it’s gaze,
to other directions.
The more you chase it,
the more it eludes you.
But when you divert,
your glance from it,
them calmly and serenely,
it comes and sits beside you,
shedding its beautiful wings,
and mesmerizing you.
This is what is called happiness,
an unexpected thing.
Landscape of Life
We often draw
landscape of life
filling it with colors
of our choice
and outlining it
according to our wishes
making it very beautiful
as per our desire.
But these are mere imagination,
far away from reality
and can never be fulfilled.
Being Escapist
Sometimes it is better,
being an escapist,
to remain aloof
from worldly affairs.
Affairs or mis-happening
creating turmoil in heart,
disrupting the peace of mind.
Like Poets of the romantic age
Byron, Wordsworth, Keats,
Shelly & Coleridge
diverted their attention
towards nature
derived pleasure from
every natural phenomena.
Creating masterpieces,
still cherished by
the unnatural world
I wish if I can be like them.

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