Mesut Şenol (Turkey)

Mesut Şenol (Turkey)


Graduated from the Political Science Faculty of Ankara University. Earned his Master’s Degree in Public Administration and Public Relations. He served as a mayor, district governor and Public Relations Department Head of the Prime Ministry. His nine poetry collections were published, and many of his poetry and literary translations appeared in many national and foreign literary publications and anthologies. Attended a number of national and international poetry and literary festivals in the country and abroad, and acting as an organizer for some of them. Received numerous literary awards in the country and abroad. A member of many literary organizations. He is currently sitting on the Executive Board of the Three Seas Writers and Translators Council. He is the Turkey Culture Delegate of the Liceo Poetico De Benidorm. He teaches at the Translation and Interpreting Studies Department of Yeditepe University, and Communications at the Communications Department of Bahçeşehir University. He is the editor-in-chief of Papirus literary magazine published in Istanbul.


Get to see what’s coming

The best of you might be buried
Among the oldest memories
Heavenlier deeds could be sought
Challenging the greatest fear of fears
Your humane energy wouldn’t be drained

The outlook for our future seems good
Yet all the time we are on our toes
Humane loving potential lies under our belt
And for sure our destiny is in our hands
We now know we have to go by instinct


Not losing your footing

Three elements in life stand out for me
Speculations run high all the time
You’d better to anticipate lethal moves
And usually a highly ambitious plot fails

You see my demeanor being acceptable
Trying to narrow down my focus on things
Toiling not to forget that I am someone in life
Appreciating the gift of being alive given to us

A breeding ground for hate might be fertile
Regardless, it is not the end of hope
There are so many features to explore
Not losing your footing opens many windows



The bushes rose to the air to catch the dust of daily chores of the game
A tribe of love and destitute struggles to survive the harshest realities of life
The wise and old were given a special honor to revive what was long gone
The more flame of passion is driven deeply by beastly desires and ominous acts
The more calamities happen to strike the most innocent folks of the nice deeds

Once a witch had told the tribesmen that a man of honor would be nothing
If a true character of a love affair would not be proven through a trying testing
Ancestors and souls of fire, wind, stones and water could come alive in an instant
Where the beliefs and legends meld in the wildest jungle of no man’s land
Challengers are face to face to survive in the hottest sun of that grisly desert

Dragons and other otherworldly creatures come to life to reign a new era
Lovers might catch a glimpse of what would be their future in a drama
Unfolding episodes of epochs cease to design their faith panorama
When a mirage of mundane reality finds its path to appear in a mystic scene
My love to my beloved proved to be an infinitely re-enactment of a dune

Yes, here we have you and me, in the depthless of a bottomless desert
It is not a children’s play that you can shape some dough on your counter
It is fair to say, your amusement with the past cannot come back for good
No one desert had made your life miserable in old days of encounter
Wouldn’t you be nice to have all those horrific memories left behind?

And not to start a new one…

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