INTO SOLACE OF PEACE / Poem by Dr. Subhendu Kar

Poem by Dr. Subhendu Kar



You are the love of humanity
the unstinting beacon of peace
to enlighten shadow shambling beneath blue of beauty
like luminescent light
to sooth out soul of vision.

very glory of universe
to enlighten crowd of common
for mankind to exalt
in vale of sacred blaze
of humanity.
as love and peace are mighty forces
to conquer disillusion inflicted
in root of kiss into soul

let your spirit be voice of harbinger
to bolster the melody of love
to gravitate vibe of peace
In honor of spree of togetherness
beneath sky of unity
for song of love
to inculcate in midst of hatred onshore,
as cry of grief leaches flow of eternal stream
of being trilled
to sustain equanimity
for fulcrum of bondage
levered to lid off equivalence,
onto tongue of tattered rhythm
in harmony
as yet slowly loosing into uncertainty
like intoning strings of symphony.

@dr. Subhendu Kar

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