Essence of Love / Poem Duet by Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo & Shahid Abbas

Poem Duet by Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo & Shahid Abbas
Essence of Love
Oh my stunner adorable Dimple girl , you are my heart
Your innocence, simplicity, and shyness alluring me from the start.
Today the weather can be likened to you , every drop of water is mixing in my sink as your faithfulness
Cool breeze is embracing me like your soft hands,
I’m to stay in it because
Your call to prayer on the roof in such good weather for me.
Cool air and these tiny drops,
I am so enchanted that you do not feel as good as you do today,
Sweet attraction l have for you
Whenever I talk to you, I feel calm, it is as if I have gone to a deep wound
Your innocence, loyalty and this love make me your lover,
When you smile, it is as if nature accepted my prayer and blessed me with a great joy.
Shahid Abbas
How does one capture your heart
When he’s miles away
And you’re oceans and oceans apart?
Your strong stare, those eyes that care
Enough to melt me down
For the love you professed I seem to get drown.
Was it fate that brought you here?
The one written in the stars for me,
For even when circumstances draw us apart
We cannot defy destiny.
I feel your love, a love so true
Must be an angel who brought me to you,
Hold me in your strong arms
Protect me from all harm
Be my vessel amidst the madness of the world,
Let this love of a lifetime unfold.
I get lost deep in your eyes,
Penetrating my soul
Relying on your promises
To never part and to just
follow my heart.
The wind carries your sweet caress,
Brushing my cheeks
Whispering words of love
A love so strong like the mighty current,
Like an ocean overflowing.
Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

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