Poems by Maria Cristina Azcona (ARGENTINA)

Poems by Maria Cristina Azcona (ARGENTINA)
Farewell, farewell my rainbow
Your eyes are full of sorrow.
Goodbye so long my worshiped
Goodbye, my partner, treasured.
Your tears fall from towering pain
Your nice eyebrows are my chain
Farewell, farewell my happiness
Your eyes are full of sadness
Let me tell you about our son’s figure
His hair and eyebrows have your feature
Goodbye so long my brave soldier
Goodbye, my chevalier
I think on you and my rhythm stop
While whispering our favorite hip-hop
and now, after you have been so far
your rests are coming from a useless war
A Place to Live
No matter how, no matter who
The really important fact is Truth.
What Justice needs to find is a route
Towards the internal root.
The way is hard, the place is the heart,
The guide must be in you.
No matter how much you fight,
No matter what you have in sight,
Simply begin to walk towards the light
Escaping from the shadows of the night.
Let the phantoms of your fear
Disappear, disappear.
Dance the ballet with the sun
Far from bullets, near to your son.
Sing and pray and you will achieve
consciousness of a world
which is yet a place to live.

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