Poems by Lilian Woo

Poems by Lilian Woo



You came like waves and engulfed me
Captured my soul in the vast sea
Beguiled me with an ocean of love and passion
My heart is erupting with love emotion

You are my love I cherish and adore
Shower me with your love and much more
Let our lap of love bloom and gleam
Hearts and souls entwined and beam

Feelings for you deep and intense
Craving for a rapturous moment to spend
Treasure and hold on to our blissful bond
Our grandeur of love will last forever long

My mind wanders through my heart
Spreading essence of love in every part
I feel the melody of your heartbeats
Caress your soul and plant lover-seeds

For all those times you stood by me
All the truth that you made me see
Created magical moments in my life
Our celestial love glows in divine light.



Don’t leave me
But if you must go, take me
Along in your journey
Over the mountains and across the sea

Don’t leave me lonely
I love you profoundly
I’ll come along with you
To watch the morning dew

Don’t leave me crying
Like the rain above pouring
Wherever you are going
Hold my hand, I’ll be following

Don’t leave me yearning
Please understand my feeling
In my thoughts and my dream
You’re my flowing stream

Don’t leave me with emptiness
Embrace me with all your sweetness
Let our hearts entwine into one
Glowing rapturously like the sun.



Mother Earth welcomes the new dawn
The smiling sun rises in early morn
Greeting a beautiful sunny day
A fresh beacon of hope to stay

Myriads of hues in the sky are captivating
Fluffy clouds swirling and hovering
Feathered creatures flying high happily
Singing and enjoying blessed liberty quite merrily

The colours of flowers reveal their beauty
In the valley they are blooming aplenty
Conquering the fresh morning air
The scent of blossoms perfuming everywhere

With the strong wind, the trees dance
But my pscyche dances with fragrance
I watch the whole scenario with admiration
With my mouth agap in fascination

The grandeur of nature is enthralling
Listen to the song nature is singing
It takes your breath away
Soothing to the mind in a peaceful day.

© Lilian Woo
All Copyrights Reserved

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