Poems by Antoinette DiGiorgio Corbell

Poems Antoinette DiGiorgio Corbell



Every night I hug my tear stained pillow
For you are not here beside me to embrace
I have withdrawn myself from the land of the living
For you departed and left me here all alone to face the solitude
lingering, fading away on my deathbed
Every moment I wish I could kiss that endearing face
For you are the one I planted in the soil of my heart
I weave the memories of you and our love into this blanket I keep close to my body
For you are the beautiful memories I hold since you became invisible
My eyes go blind searching for your visage in the darkness
For you have imprinted your image on my retina, burned into my mind
My dreams are filled with your essence, you have touched my soul as no other
For you I remember the precious moments when your love was true
My ears are tone deaf and cannot bear the awful silence
For you filled my room with reverberations of your love songs
My legs have no where to travel, they have become languorous
For you walked away taking all strength from me
Now my heart no longer cares to beat, it is dwindling faster and faster
For you took the love my heart was beating for, took it far away
I was living for you, for you and only you, for you rescued me from myself
For you, every last palpitation, it was all for you
For you, every querulous breath, it was all for you




He paints my universe with every color of the rainbow
I love him with all the passion of fiery reds and oranges
Warming hues awaken the blaze of desire in my thoughts
Bringing life to my sensual being bubbling to the surface
Living forever with him in a heated embrace surrounded
By the soulful sounds of our wondrous love and yearning
He paints my universe with every color of the rainbow
I love him with all the splendor of yellows and greens
Awakening my inner spirit to an exquisiteness beyond all
Displaying untamed nature in its purest of life forms
Living life with him in a grassy field under the blazing sun
Surrounded by sweet sights and scents of flowering blossoms
He paints my universe with every color of the rainbow
I love him with all the fresh coolness of blues and violets
Shivers run up and down my spine created by his touch
Running through my psyche like a cool evening breeze
Living with him in a soft current of chilling anticipation
Knowing this is the one and only beloved I cry out for
He paints my universe with every color of the rainbow
I love him for he is the spectrum of my beating heart



On a wall in a house, sits a dusty old shelf
Upon the shelf sits a lonely piece of fine china
People pass by and admire it from a distance
Day after day, the same thing occurs
People pass, speak lovely words of the piece of china
It is delicate and chipped in some places, but you can still see it’s charm
Never was it taken off the shelf to be admired and loved and used
There it sat alone on a wall, waiting to be treasured and seen for it’s usefulness
Not one would dare touch it, afraid they would damage it more than it was
But the dish didn’t care, it wanted to be taken down
Touched and admired for the beauty it once held
To show that it was still useful
Still needed to be loved
Even though it was chipped and worn
So that is how it stayed until one day some one took it down
The fine piece of china was thrilled, this is the day
They will see I am still worthy, I have much more to give
The one turned it over and looked at it carefully
This dish is chipped and has lost it’s luster
Time for the trash heap, and there it was tossed
Lost forever, but no one seemed to care

copyright reserved

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