Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper

Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper



Dark layers have covered the night in lap,
The stars seem shying and dying in night,
The moon has no room to bring light,
All are fallen asleep like the dead in grave,
All are voiceless and still,
The cruel night is cutting the beauty,
The cruel night is unbridled in its craze,

The darkness hovers throughout the night,
The darkness puts fear in hearts of kids,
The darkness is dreary enemy of all,
The darkness has brought the darkness in all walks of life,
The darkness never makes friendship with human soul,
The darkness brings forward the brutes for bloodshed and mayhem,

The darkness never lives so long,
The darkness has to die very soon,
The edge of rising sun creates havoc in darkness,
The rising sun changes the entire scene
The dawn becomes the bright day,
And the darkness dies in its own way!



Time is fast torrent,
Never breaks a while,
Like the flood water
Moves in its own youth,

Past engenders panic in memory,
Helplessly helpless,
A huge mess,,,,,,
Past never comes back,
Past is lost in mire of time,

Present is manageable bunch of flowers,
To see is to realize,
To do is to know,
To touch is so much in mood,
Time is the test of temper of everyone,

Future is plan of human mind
On wings of dreams,
As to be bright light for humans everywhere,
As to be the pigeon of peace in this world
As to be the caress and cure for someone,
As to be the lively and lovely for all,
As to be selfless burning candle,
As to be the bright light in gloom,
Time bounds humans to bloom with love…



The clouds are shedding tears,
Shouting, crying and weeping,
With the passage of time,
Tiredness rules upon them
And they begin sobbing silently,
And the soil gets wet and cool,
With beauty of efflorescence,

The clouds are hawks to fall so quick
For hunting dryness,
They try to end dryness all over the world,
The clouds cleave the dry land and quench its thirst of years,
The land becomes fresh and joyous in the rainfall,
The land gives birth to newness of beauty
And decorates own shape with love…

The clouds are mountains in the sky
In a weird mood,
They are fallen in love of dry soil
For its beauty and greenness,
For its richness and growth,
For its sweetness and fragrance,
The clouds are present always…



The earth is burning,
The flames of fiery hate move up everywhere,
On bases of vain work,
Futile fuss,
Nothing else,
Nothing else…..
Only unrest and itching life all over the world,
In the painful woes of human toes,
Let us heal so well,
Let us mitigate hate,
Let us begin with benign love,
Love for all,
Love for all colorful creatures of Lord,
Love for all castes of human race,
Love for all cultures of humanity,
Love for all beauty of the earth,

Let us live with Peace,
Let us live with love,
Let us love with Love,
Let us spread whiff of coolness,
For the content of beauty,
For the peace of humanity…



In the deserted valley of thought,
Love falls on the thorns of woes,
And gets injured in pain,
Like the punctured van on road,
Unmoving and standstill…

A meeting takes place to rail the life
Amid crowds of people,
All futile and more fuss,
Amid souls of poles apart,

The voice yells from the sky,
Divine command rules the whole world,
Humans make unhealthy sound
Against Divine command…

Conservative and modern,
Primitive and premature,
Gloomy and bright,
Old and new ideas,
Of growth and decline,….
The gossip on the carpet of meeting,
And chatting on the cup of coffee,
Ended in vain…

In the valley of unending life,
Soul abhors matter,
The matter is not charming for soul,
In the choice of mystic valley

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