TRANQUILITY / Poem by Gigi Mejri

Poem by Gigi Mejri
I see the world boiling
War ,famine ,global warming
I live the daily hustle and bustle
I see the rush towards cash
All in motion with no rest !
Ego ,rash promises ,more & more in quest
Where are we going ?
Powerless ,I raise my arms ,my hands & my voice
Asking the Almighty instant tranquility
Lord ,I am under your shadow
Grant me calmness & serenity
Cast peace upon this world
I fervently pray you
To pour on us a shower of tranquility
To help us taste the inner peace
To live with no worry ,no stress
And make of our prayers a tranqulizer
Lord ,we’ve enough of qualm ,enough of suffering
To our end we’re racing
Our word lost its value ,we’re governed by greed
Send us a tiny tranquility seed
To sow it in our hearts and break up with our nasty deed
For Tranquility is neither sold nor bought
It is heavenly taught
Gigi Mejri @copyright Otober 2018

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