I Can Love my Enemy / Poem by: Dr. Jawaz Jaffri

Poem by: Dr. Jawaz Jaffri
I Can Love my Enemy
Better than manufecturing weapons
One should create a heart
A Heart
Which nurtures love
And love
Instructs to hate weapons
War is happening
In the lanes of the city
The cannons go quiet as the night falls
But i have no home to go back to
I create the texts of songs of peace
All through the night
I have no connection with those
Who shed blood
I believe in the sanctity of birds
I don’t dream
Of the destruction of the city
Even though the world
is placed upon the palm of my hand
Upon the green shoot of lemon tree
The singing bird is my dream
Between the lush trees of mulberry
There saunters a stream
It is my fantasy
I love ardently
Children and illumined bylanes
I desire women likened to the bark of cinnamon
I’m the one
Who can even love his enemy

Translated by: Sara Ali Khan

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