Poems by Dasharath Naik

Poems by Dasharath Naik
Asked the crazy Spring for hues
The Mogra for aroma
The Moon for magic,,,,
I was denied ;
Asked the Wind for its tune
The Night for dreams
The Dew for its shine,,,
I was denied ;
When you went past me
Smiling the other day,
Everything bloomed
In silence
The point exists
Then gets lost
In the surge of uproar.
Brandishing ego
Overacts mind
A misfit me
Pains in peril nurture.
Frisky me with advent of Fall fair
Fragrance scattering everywhere;
My tears fall as morning dew
My blood takes the golden hue;
Yellow woods enthralls so many
Fallen leaves all along the journey;
As fresh leaves furl in the wind
Forgetting me ,fun around I find ;
Festive mood rules mind and heart
Fiery crazy people follow the mart.
Nature’s festoon in festal colour
Fascinates festively in full valour.
What could be Poetry ?
Ever giggling
a rill rippling
on the hairy chest of hills ;
Mind’s myna*
in utter delirium
redoing as my day sinks..
*a country bird
*(c)Dasharath Naik

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