IN THE LAND OF BRIGHTEST LIGHT / Poem by Joanna Svensson

Poem by Joanna Svensson
In the land of brightest light
I have clearly seen
Sparkling raindrops blooming
And hearty poems flying
Carried by butterfly wings
The wind I have seen
All dressed up in a colorful mantle
Meant for eternity
Waiting there for me
Standing at the top of a hill
From there he showed me the world
Laying way deep down below us
Swept in a light blue veil
A veil that was connected
Connected with the city of light
Connected by the glowing road of light
He did not say a single word
But still I understood
For I could sense his silent words
All through his melodi humming
I sensed his seasonal melody
Like so many times before
When in my garden I often sat
Contemplating over my life
My life and all its eaning
And all that goes around
And all that comes around
He often sent me messages
Through all the seasons here
Remembering early springs
With butterflies and flowers
And gentle juvenile green
That’s when Windows of life
Were opened once again
Through the soft, warm nights of summer
Towards ripe and prosperity
With falling leaves of autumn
And sighs of golden longing
Then winter’s shimmering flakes of snow
Tapping on windows of repose
I felt myself
Swept by happiness
I felt a strong connection
And drawn towards the land of light
The earth just suddenly felt
So tiny and so distant
Out there in the endless universe
I saw my lucky star of light
Shining ever so bright
There in my callendar of life
Way up in the dark blue vault of heaven
I often sense the nearness
Of the city of light above
When whispers of weakess and doupts
Darkens my way of thinking
When meaning and intention
Of life I do debate
Then for my inner sense
I see the town of light
Right there in the land of brightness
Where for the very first time I did see
The sparkling raindrops blooming
Where I saw my poems take flight
With butterfly’s softened wing beats
Towards the eternal light!
©® Joanna Svensson

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