Poems by Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy

Natural Healing is Love of Divine Spirit in Nature!
Divine Spirit in Nature is protecting all in many ways
Out of love towards all living beings in the world sure;
To protect against weather cattle, bears, monkeys are
born with fur and birds are born with feathers to say!

Out of love Nature is giving healing touch to animals like
Dog, cow and sheep to cure wounds on their bodies ever;
For men, Nature has provided many herbs to cure wounds,
Diseases and pains on bodies to have great relief sure!

Natural healing is a great act of divine spirit to men,
Animals and birds sure, if all go according to Nature;
Failing to do so, many are affected by changing weather
Conditions due to civilized life out of touch with Nature!

Due to too much artificial way of life, humanity suffers
Much in many ways due to uncaring natural way of life here!
Love Fantasy Churned by Dancing Star Couples!
Moon shines bright as Halo of angels in heaven with her group
Of innumerable Stars twinkling like diamonds in the night Sky;
Is this Nature a personification of enchanting Sky damsel with
Her passionately coupled disciples promoting love everywhere?

Face of Sky damsel is the heavenly angel’s Halo shining with
Her followers passionately coupled as shining Stars reminding
All union is the best way to cherish love in world life of nice
Paradise nowhere in the whole Universe feasible to flourish!

Face of shining Moon over twin hills can see pretty well the
Heart like big leaf of the valley with the cascade falling as
River passing through forests, plains and desert to the Sea as
The final resort after enjoying all pleasures to enjoy bliss!

Such a lovely beauty the Star couples passionately welcoming
By Tango dance make all mesmerized by love fantasy in gyration!
Nature Makes All Noble If All Observe It!
Whispering words of love are marked with seal of kisses sure
That enrich love bond between loving souls ever in human life
Like tress and plants offer flowers and fruits to everyone
More than that are plucked by all by the loving invitation!

That is the nature of real love taught by Nature since the
Time immemorial to mankind most of humanity has forgotten in
The time bound fast modern world life needing great correction
Of that aberration making them fell love and lust are the same!

What we take away out of selfish desire is actually lust sure;
But offering more than before is act of love Nature teaches;
Since many have forgotten to live in harmony with Nature, many
Lessons of love nobody knows in real life but only artificially!

Just observation will show how love is being shown by Nature
And the great feeling of giving will make all divine and noble!

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