Tuğçe Tekhanlı (Cyprus)

Tuğçe Tekhanlı (Cyprus)
Tuğçe Tekhanlı was born in 1990 in Nicosia, Cyprus. She has done her bachelor’s degree at the department of English-French Translation and Interpreting at Hacettepe University. She got her postgraduate certificate from the University of East Anglia in the UK. Her poems and translations were published in many literary magazines. Her poems were translated into various languages; Spanish, English, Italian, Greek, Romanian, and German.
In 2016, she has been awarded the bi-communal poetry prize with the poetry portfolio titled ‘Derindim İnandırıldım Aksine’. The bilingual book (Turkish-Greek) including her portfolio and Andreas Timotheou’s portfolio was published in the same year with the name ‘Şiirler’ by the Cyprus
Writers Union.
In 2017, ‘Şiirden First Book Award’ organized by Şiirden Publishing in Turkey, was granted to her same portfolio ‘Derindim İnandırıldım Aksine’ and the portfolio was republished by Şiirden in 2018, in İstanbul, Turkey.
She participated in many international poetry festivals and art projects.
Her poems appeared in an anthology called “Women Poetry” which was published by KAFEKÜLTÜR Publishing House in Turkey and later in 2018, in another anthology called “Anthology of Young Cypriot Poets” by the Publishing House Vakxikon in Athens, Greece.
In 2020, with her poems and translations she contributed to the anthology which was published in Spain and Cyprus with the name of POESIA SIN FRONTERAS V (SINIRSIZ ŞİİRLER V).
In July 2020, in Italy, her poetry has been considered remarkable for the International Poetry Prize Europa in Versi.
She is also interested in dance and seeking ways to combine dance and poetry as a form of collaborative art.
yesterday I suffered from the pain of your hands
you kept your silence,
through a grand rock I tested my voice
seeing the weeds
I learned to hold on
seeing the ants’ raft
I learned to float
I let your shoulders go through my mind
yesterday, believing in the possibility
it was the hole of the sea shell that I tampered
you were the wind
that didn’t move but watched while seated.
dün biraz sancısını çektim ellerinin
sustun, gidip büyük bir taşa sesimi denedim
tutunmayı otlardan gördüm
batmamayı karınca sallarından
içimden omuzlarını geçirdim
dün biraz mümküne inanarak
hırpaladığım, boşluğuydu kabuğun
kalkmayıp yerinden seyrettin.
summer is still away from me
so the songs
the bow and the notes
I am stringing the jasmines
and the roses
the goodmornings
the things that I can not hide
like your fingers
your hands are playing a cello, flowing
they are on my belly
in my childhood photograph in which I didn’t smile at all
accepting someone as they are
is sometimes away from me
je t’inventerai
des mots insensés
que tu comprendras
hâlâ uzağımda yaz
değişerek uzağımda şarkılar
yay ve notalar
sıra sıra diziyorum yaseminleri
ve gülleri
parmakların gibi
saklayamayacağım şeyleri
ellerin bir çelloda akışta
hiç gülmediğim çocukluk
birisini olduğu gibi kabul etmek
uzağımda bazen
je t’inventerai
des mots insensés
que tu comprendras.
do not kiss me here
carry me to the forest
consider me a bird
foraging your beard
beni burada öpme
ormana taşı
kuş say
sakallarını eşeleyen

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