Alan Liew (Malaysia)

Alan Liew (Malaysia)
Alan Liew is a Malaysian of Chinese origin, a resident of Kuala Lumpur, the federal capital of Malaysia .
He studied in an English school, Methodist Boys School, Sentul, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Secondary school). For his higher education he studied at Universiti Technologi Malaysia (UTM) in mechanical engineering. Formally known as Technical College, Kuala Lumpur.
He was a specialist in mechanical services in various various types of buildings. He was involved in the ” design and specification ” of mechanical work such as air conditioning, mechanical ventilation, refrigeration (cold storage rooms), lifts and escalators, fighting systems, plumbing and sanitation, hot and cold piping systems etc.
Besides being a consultant for buildings, he was involved in the following activities
1) He was appointed by the ministry of Labor,Manpower and Training to serve as chairman (for almost 5 years) for the air conditioning and refrigeration section of the Lembaga Latihan Perindustrian dan Persijilan Ketukangan ( the National Industrial Trade Testing And Certification Board).
He also ” chaired ” the committee in the drafting, reviewing of syllabus and trade standard, and also conducted air conditioning and refrigeration examinations in Malaysia .
2) He was a member of the steering committee for the formation of the Association of Air Conditioning Contractors in Malaysia and had served as ” Alternate Vice President ” for three years
3) He was elected as a treasurer for the steering committee and had assisted in the drafting and preparation of the: Bylaws and constitutions for the formation of the Local Chapter of the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers. He was also elected as a Treasurer for the Local Chapter after obtaining approval from the Register of Society, Malaysia.
4) He was elected as a vice president of Kuala Lumpur Dancers’ Association (KLDA). An association of ballroom dancing, he served as vice president for 5 years.
5) He was a member of Lion Club International, and was elected as president for 2010. The Lion Club is an NGO for charity, its moto is ” We Serve “.
His interest in poetry writing started when he was in lower secondary schools (form 2), He composed poems and had submitted to the news paper , a few of his poems were selected and published in the news paper, the Malay Mail. That was in the 1950s.
Since then he had been continually writing poetries. In fact he is an active blogger, and has been composting poems in his blog and would post his poems in the FB to share with his FB friends . His blog :-
In his blog, there are Nine Hundred And Thirty plus (930+) poems.
From the time he created his blog (in December 2016) he has been continually writing poems on my blog and to date number of poem published in my blog is nine hundred and thirty plus poems. I am glad that my blog had thus far (attracted as per 23rd June 2020.) 154,195 (one hundred and fifty four thousands one hundred and ninety five page viewers.
In addition, he would post his poems in various poetic forums or groups such as the Motivational Strips Group, the PENTASI B WORLD FRIENDSHIP POETRY GROUP, the Global He Literary Society Group, the (PEP) the Pakistani English Poets groups, the Literature Lovers’ Association groups, the Best Poet and Poetesses of the world group, the Whorled Wide Writers group, the Elegant Poetry group, the Bhutan Poetry And Literature group, the Soul Thoughts Poetry group, etc, . In fact he is a member of most of the major poetic groups .
The various topics of poems he has written are love and romance, nature, global warming and climate change, tsunami and earthquake, peace and anti war, charity, fairytales, poems with stories, and poems of everyday life.. etc.
He had been confered the award of GOLDEN DOVES OF PEACE by Motivational Strips Literature group, and the award of Diploma – ” World Poetic Star ” from World Nation Writers Union, the world’s largest writers union from Kazakhstan.
He has also been given the certificate of Honored Poet Of Malaysia by Lasosyasyon Lar San Frontier (LLSF), An International Literary And Arts Siciety, recognized by the Government of Republic of Seychelles of Honored Poet Of Malaysia
He received the award of Literature Excellence from the Government of Republic of Peru. This award was confered to him by Carlos Hugo Garrido Chalén, the founder of Union Hispanomundial De Escritores, Shiju H. Pallithazheth, the founder of Motivational Strips and Kairat Duissenov Parman, the founder of World Nation Writer Union.
He had also recently received a Diploma from World Literature Academy [ World Poet Association]
During the recent 74th Independence day of India, he received the International Literary Excellence award at per with global standards honoured by Motivational Strips, the world’s most active writers forum and Gujarat Sahitya Academy.
Poems by Alan Liew
The Green Grasses
Grasses upon my lawn
In the early, fog​gy morn
Remain completely silent
As if they’re ghostly frightened.
Grasses at the gigantic field
Where a mul​ti​tude of daffodil
Grows and glows in dawning still
But song of breeze dances afar
Reverberates beyond lofty hills.
Grasses at the magnificent fields
The green carpet looks awfully nice
But there in existence, lots of mice
Their activities, they’re there to hide.
Within the green grasses wide
Insects cheep, grasshoppers leap
When snows fall in freezing weather
Green grasses repose in slumber.
Beyond The Curtain Of Darkness
I open my window
Peek through, and I perceive
Machine guns yonder are rattling
In this chilling, dreadful morning.
Bodies of dead soldiers at the barricade
As if blood dripping ghosts at hell’s gate.
Refugees have rendezvous with booms of death
Either in hell or be the celestial saints.
More soldiers firing at northern frontier
Tankers roar across the fuming roads
Cannons steadfastly blasting
Bridges, buildings collapsing.
Stained glass of a church are scattering
Exploring into pieces, shatter all around
Jet fighters zoom with deafening sound
Booming, creating toxic fume on the ground.
In trenches, soldiers die, lying on the hills
Corpses are applenty at the battle fields
Bullects flying, men and women crying
Fears, tears and wounds with blood draining.
At the far end, a child is screaming
Her mum has been raped, and is dying
The child is hungry, licking her broken toy
Glued with dirt, sand, mud and filthy soil.
Beyond the torn curtain, darkness reigns
Misery – rivers of agony annihilate humanity
The war afore the window
Is but a dreadful shadow.
Hope of peace should be crystal clear
“ Peace On Earth “ will be achieved
If humans crave “ anti – war “ sentiment
To be harmoniously alive,
This is the basic element.
Griefs Of Autumn Leaves
The winds are eerily marching
As executors of death sentence.
Leaves on boughs are shivering
Leaves are reluctantly falling.
In agony, they silently stumble
Proceeding the path of funeral
In tearless manner, tumbling down
Piti​fully swaying to the ground.
Some wildly fly, drifting, twisting in the air
Not willing to die, swinging here and there
Finally drop, as golden, brown carpets
Dying, on the streets with much regrets.
Compassion, theres none
Awaiting next rising sun,
Sweeping away by municipal
And to be buried in the incinerator.
Thus end the lives of leaves
With tearless sadness and grief.
Without sympathy,
Devoid of empathy.
My Phenomenal Woman
You, a phenomenal lassie
The woman with inner beauty
Feminine, tender and charming
With a spell of soul captivating.
As you gracefully walk by
You neither shout nor jump about.
The display of your bewitching smiles,
I can only stand still and feel so proud.
My heart craves having you,
The phenomenal woman.
You process a sensuous, bodily fragrance
That nourishes the life of my rosy garden.
Your lips ooze a smell of strawberry
A kiss from you is an heavenly bliss.
The blast of scents lifts me bodily into the air.
Making me tipsily floating, and fancying.
Your smooth, mild, velvety skin
The curl of your brilliant, golden hair
Shading a pride in the ambient air
A woman so glamorously fair.
Oh phenomenal woman
Will you be standing beside me.
And cruise along with me
As my love in my life journey?
Alan KK Liew
All Copyrights Reserved.

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