Susana Roberts
I’ve been suffering from covid 19 for 21 days, without serious complications, but I’m not yet recovered, I’m still suffering from muscle and bone pains, I get tired very easily, this left a nodule in my lung to control (it did not happen to me to me just for being older, I know 30 year old people with the same situation without being able to fully recover) and continue with check ups. During this situation that kept me immobile, I have received and heard dissimilar expressions about the handling of the pandemic, and I believe nothing positive for those suffering from it like those who do not. I try to stay under observation and not cast so much judgment. My writer’s mission for World Peace takes me to alert you that it is not a simple flu, that we must take care of ourselves and not fear, accept this reality within the framework of coherence, without going to the extreme and… I’ll tell you why.
We’ve all suffered long months of lockdown, children will suffer their trauma, some more locked up than others, older ones, grandparents, and the entire family in our environment living s e p a r a d o s. We will all suffer from some kind of psychological resabe. Above all, we have been bombarded by the media with cross-reporting, with looming crises, with people who die and are not handed over to their family. It hurts, of course this pandemic hurts, or pandemic said by many. The reality is that we have to face and live as best we can, unite from the heart and regarding this I endlessly thank the people who wrote to me daily to know how I am, those who said they prayed for me, and those who did not , we are all in the same network of understanding and I always send my love in equal doses since my daytime meditation. I’ve seen people who could go to their intimate shelter and wonder what they’re doing out of their life and their affections? therefore we begin to miss each other, intimately to understand and forgive, in others I have seen disappointment, get angry, complain that leads to nothing but deteriorate the interior which is the only thing that will save us united to Universal Love.
Fantastic if you’ve noticed in time, everything can be reviewed and reversed for the benefit of life, but not selfishly, but as brothers of the same God.
Many of us will have trouble sleeping, others from relationships, others will question the whole life they led. Young people even more will want to live today and now, and without thinking about procreating, but it is not, nothing is lost, the strength of love can everything from inner reconstruction to extending hand to the suffering and how to do it is listen to him and give him the help from the words that arise from the heart, with love and understanding.
Beware of the ends I said at first… the isms, so dangerous, idealism, beliefs that lead us to nothingness. We are standing in the midst of the storm, let the water caress our being and lightning deviate the bad thoughts many of us can contain and it is normal, regarding the time to come. History has taught us that the Plague black in Europe during medieval times, fear and hunger dominated the population altogether, the plague was installed brought by soldiers arriving from the east after their campaigns and died horribly and in untold quantities , then death was common to them, daily, fearful, darkness had settled in and the Church promised salvation, thus emerging mysticism with positive balances and other negatives. Let’s be mindful and try to be at the right center of our emotions, thoughts and communications in this technology and so uncertain age, let’s be watchers all the time and not lose it in delivering judgments to one another, let’s think of building firm values together help the universal family we all are.
@Susana Roberts
Dr. Lit. Honoris Causa-WAAC
Peace Ambassador-Mil Milenios.org. Senate of the Nation (Unesco-Unicef)
Vice Dir. IFLAC Argentina and Latin America.

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