I AM ME / Poem by Natalia Govsha

You are not my first
and not the last
and maybe
not even the only one.
But now I’m in love –
and nothing else matters.
I am not perfect –
and you are neither
and together we can never
be perfect either.
But I make you laugh,
I give you the strength
to see beauty of life.
I can light you up
with the love of life
that you’ll want to enhance
its beauty and essence.
And you’ll want to bring
into its vital jewelry casket
more music
and more poetry,
more rainbow,
more verity.
Hold me tight in your path.
And I will give you
my the most vital part
that I know you may
one day break –
my sensitive heart.
I make you happy – smile!
Don’t suffer when sometimes
I make you angry…
And miss me badly
in an indifferent crowd
when I’m not around …

Poem by Natalia Govsha

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