Emine Tokmakkaya (Turkey)

Emine Tokmakkaya (Turkey)
I live in Istanbul and Turkey for education.
I graduated from the Faculty of Education and Art of Ankara Gazi University.
I am an Art Educator and I create creative and curating international art projects.
I worked as a painting and art history teacher in professional high schools. I retired and worked as an art and graphic design teacher for 24 years.
Now I paint full time, prepare international art and culture projects and participate in international artistic and cultural events. 

I attended art and culture symposia, art camps, and events in many countries around the world. Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, Kosovo, Sarajevo, Macedonia, Serbia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Malaysia, India, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Lithuania, Moldova, North Cyprus, Turkish Republic, South Korea, Romania, Ukraine, USA, etc. Due to the 2020 pandemic, I participated in online exhibitions and conference programs in many countries around the world. Germany, Norway, India, South Korea, Colombia, Tunisia, Morocco, Spain, Italy, Dubai, Bangladesh, Egypt Sharm El Sheikh, Philippines, Uruguay, Peru, Morocco, Tunisia, Kazakhstan, India, Malaysia, Mexico, chile, Arjantine , All latino country etc.

My ways
I come in from me on the roads of life, are you on the roads of life other than me, are we on journeys, are our roads waiting for us in the cosmic world of endless escape
Time to time
Time is the darkest point of my life, every day that passes in time is an energy, flight through an immense cosmic world, we are always passing by the wing of a bird, life and moment are like flying, then
Emine Tokmakkaya

Existence or energy, of the Universe in the love on escape colors of cosmos nature
Art Narrative Subject:
I have a style of expression, a combination of metaphysics and modern philosophy of romanticism. I describe the colorful and enthusiastic journey of my dreams and the nature of women in a cosmic world and mystical approach, and depict them in this work of art. In colors, I emphasize a cosmic world or existence and the energy of living beings. In terms of its external appearance, a fish is a creature consisting of three parts, with the tail, which is the most important factor in its movement, to the head and body, which generally form the combined form of two bows. 

The dance of life with colors of love in the escape freedom

The most important feature that enables it to be used in symbolism is that it can travel in water, a fluid that symbolizes captivity and influence. In this environment, it does not only move on a plane like land animals, it can make vertical up and down movements. So it can travel in any direction. Fish make a lot of eggs. Some fish living in groups react massively, in other words jointly, to an external effect. The fish symbol is sometimes depicted alone, sometimes in a river, sometimes jumping, a ship, hunting or accompanied by other symbols. A word meaning fish and whale in Hebrew and Arabic is “nun”. This word, which also means “dolphin” according to some, is also the name of the letter in the Arabic alphabet that consists of a semicircle or a crescent-shaped bow.

Woman and mother nature power energy life

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