Nâzım Hikmet Ran (1902-1963) – Turkey

Nâzım Hikmet Ran (1902-1963) – Turkey
Nâzım Hikmet Ran, Turkish poet and writer. He is described as “romantic communist” and “romantic revolutionary.” He was repeatedly arrested for his political views and spent most of his adult life in prison or in exile. His poems have been translated into more than fifty languages ​​and his works have received many awards. Wikipedia Date of birth: January 15, 1902, Thessaloniki, Greece Date and place of death: June 3, 1963, Moscow, Russia The literary movement: Social Realism · Futurism Wife: Vera Tulyakova Hikmet (b. 1960-1963) Movies: Towards the Sun, Tosun Pasha, If My Wife Cheats Me, Aysel Bataklı Damın Daughter, Cici Berber,
Crying Matters
“How should he be able to cry
without even realizing it?
How should he be able to cry
without fault
like rain? “
Love Menu
“You are beautiful as mornings and dawn
You are like summer nights of my country
When the horse who brings news of happiness knocks on your door
Remember me
Ah! my hidden rose
You are both difficult and beautiful
You must open in the warmth of my poems
I give you the busey devoted to life here
You are as beautiful as my hometown
And stay beautiful “

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