Poems by Leonard Dabydeen

Poems by Leonard Dabydeen
A Crow’s Heart
Shadows move among them,
amorphous like the wind
whispering in tranquility,
and twittering in unison
a harmonious cry
among the dead and the dying.
Unmindful of the waxing and waning
of the moon
their carrion minds
dance effortlessly on a barbed fence
sepulchral vigilantes watching closed eyes
never to see the light of day again:
a crow’s heart only knows
recluse of dark places.
(PoemHunter: Wednesday, February 3, 2010)
is not what it seems
light turns into darkness
darkness into light
and between them they never meet;
fish in a pond
unable to disparage
life in a ceramic pool
in a sand-infested river
in a crusty, amorphous ocean.
a mirage in the mind
evokes intellectual discourses
truth from untruth
and you begin to believe
what is unbelievable;
can you define what you see?
What you see
is truly what you see?
In the mirror
may not be the person
looking in the mirror;
all visuals are reflective
and everything is not what it seems.
Not every squeal tells you
it’s a pig
going to the slaughter;
it may be a mating game.
And when you’re uncertain
where you’re going
you’ll end up somewhere else.
know this to be true:
in life
as in everything else
everything is not
what it seems.

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