Poems by NilavroNill Shoovro

Poems by NilavroNill Shoovro
The Empty Ballad
summer came. each woman
on my street had her own story
not very different from each other
either in day or in bed beyond midnights
yes, like any other historians
of all ages, I too knew
how difficult it was always…
to prove even the obvious.
many of them preferred to remain
anonymous like the creator above
before and after writing their secrets,
hidden behind their faces and cloths
more and more dark houses with
hushed up dreams and bygone hopes
with silent pains and summer plans, but
nowhere to go yet everywhere to appear
each woman, the survivor of her own war
or the casualty of someone else’s fault
waited much longer through the ages
waited much longer for a true summer…
16th November’ 2020
Nowhere To Go Nowhere To Return…
too much blood cells, naked
even with valid documents
flowing down through the ages
millions were killed
without proper hearings
innocent blood cells
like the refugees crowding the roads
nowhere to go, nowhere to return
and all my eyes remain closed
with the eyelids, opened and exuberant
like any true patriot, upholding war flags
waving back and forth, listening to
only the war cries of the beloved leaders
on the pay channels, the war lords
preaching peace and trading wars
millions of naked blood cells
flowing down through the ages
around the war memorials to fill up
the colorful pages of our golden histories
looking through the ancestral mirror
even I and obviously you, like many others
become true patriots, uploading war flags
drenched in innocent blood cells
innocent enough to remain stupid
like the refugees crowding the roads
nowhere to go, nowhere to return…
16th November’ 2020

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