“A Woman of Essence “  – Ade Caparas / Review by Cijo Joseph Chennelil

“A Woman of Essence “  – Ade Caparas



Your monumental book titled “a Woman of Essence” is a creative work of far reaching consequences.This elegant book contains profound musings and formidable and paramount works of notable poets hailing from India and abroad.This book is also known for its way of looking at matters of crucial importance in the world in general and the literary field in particular from various angles and perspectives.The major areas touched upon by this book are the holistic introduction formulated or coined by Dear Jernail Sir,the colossal theoretical construct or discourse named dotism developed by Adeji,the description regarding the indomitable spirit displayed by women of today,the equality principle so intelligently touted about,the determination shown by the half of the humanity of this world,the verses of everlasting values,the tenderness seen in women of substance,the trials and tribulations encountered by women in general in a male-dominated or patriarchal society,the unexpected setbacks and a mettled response to them,the opportunities mantled and the turbulence gone through,the storms faced and the calm restored in life,the journey undertaken through choppy waters to reach the pristine shores,the endurance put into operation,the isolation and alienation experienced,the fervent or ardent optimism about life and the ample presentation of unparalleled and unorthodox style.This book also does have my Philosophical Analysis titled “Aristotle’s Essence Incorporated in the Women of Essence” in it.I hereby acknowledge the arduous effort,Dear Adeji has taken to deliver this book into my hands.I am very grateful to you for this magnanimous gesture Adeji.My heartfelt congratulations to you Adeji for coming out with such a book of unprecedented scale and reach.


Cijo Joseph Chennelil
Head of the English Department
Kristu Jyoti College
Changanassery, Kottayam, Kerala, India.

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