IMMORTAL FOREVER!! / Poem by Mahmoud Said Kawash

Poem by Mahmoud Said Kawash
When they asked her about him, she said:
He is immortalised forever
And all others are from a demise
To another demise
He is not a crossbill bird
Rather, the prince of poets to say poetry
No example
The pearl of love on earth
The origin of taste
And perfection
He is the source of inspiration
Peace of mind
Rhyme and creativity
Overflow of wisdom
And action
He is a raging fire and flame
The ebb and flow
I’m an ash
A calm blue sea
But in love there is probability
No impossibility
He is a spectrum
A flash of lightning looms in the horizon
Enlightens the gloomy world around
Breaks the restrictions and shackles
Shows glittering bundles of dreams
Gives hope to the future generations
Imagining how he is, I hear an insisting call
Coming from the core of my heart
Asking me to change my mind
To come back to my senses
And stop thinking of immigration
Oh God, how do I love him?
How do I while I never met him face to face?
And he is miles and miles away from me
Oh God, what a “promise” the best of words are said about
The most wonderful proverbs are told about too
The space and time are perfumed by its fragrance
It adorns and analyses the people and things
And more and more!!
I yearn to him whenever he calls me
I fell into dreams
I affirm the soul with hopes
Yes, Yes
He is the pearl of love and poetry on earth
He is the origin of taste and perfection too
Yes, Yes
He is as famous as some other contemporary poets
But he is immortal while the others are due to disappear
Mahmoud Said Kawash

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