The rebellious / Poem by Saadia Khidrany

Poem by Saadia Khidrany
The rebellious
The drawing was hard to surround
Thought it was incomplete
Because the feather rebelled against me
Each has chosen the grooving tune and colour
And its aim to attein
One of them is looking at a beautiful, affectionate cat
Holding her arms
Begging for tenderness
Hugging her to be her shelter from hit and cold
From good or evil
The other is appealing by a Brown eagle, from prey descendant
Kindly snatching what emmotionally hurts
It sharply looked at her
Sneaking inside and uproopting her tireness
To inject in her, the solution of life and hope
Another One saw her lion
As such the saga has started
And the rebellion exacerdated
The mess of colour broke out
To put down the tune of grief
And hide what remaines inside…
From her painting steps on a painting patch..
And holds Each painting brush in a corner
Living them to opt for their aimes to be drawn
To end up with an indless end.

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