Expressive Narrative Prose Poetry by Jyotirmaya Thakur

Expressive Narrative Prose Poetry by Jyotirmaya Thakur
Blessed is he who with each passing moment accepts good or bad events in wise transformation.The more sensitive and responsive you are the more constructive you can be. Be blessed for the transformation which makes you more committed towards your dream. Being grateful for what seemed like a debacle, belief in yourself makes it a priceless gift. A free spirit is not bound by any matter, materialism or opinion. They sing, dance and flow with the wind of time. They are at one with nothing and everything – void and expanses. Even space and time does not confine or define them. For they are pure energy itself, an inspiration in their kinetic fast current of mind’s water.
Behind the façade of life there is something beautiful and eternal happening. The knowledge of connecting ourselves with the cosmic in peace . Being still has to be learned ,it is to increase our awareness of the abundance of cosmic energy. In stillness we hear our small voice of the divine within us .The Nature ‘s pristine songs , birds songs ,and the leaves dance . The wind whistles messages of the sky and rivers . Entering into our soul and opening our vision with closed eyes . We are liberated from our manifold self-identifications and rest in our sacredness for a while. Life becomes infinite in this increasing stillness of the body. The mind is attuned to the ocean of vastness and becomes still . The heart is filled with quiet joy recalling our acts of compassion when we truly lived. The simple delight of existence in stillness of just being.
Who is not suppressed by his own thoughts but let the thoughts flow in front him is a true observer. Never trying to escape their mind and never afraid of their thinking. They are like the Earth and sky meeting at the horizon and becoming one with each other . Even when nothing happens everything is at ease willing to heal the cracks. They are constantly in joy and frequently adapting to change.There is a dream in every shadow of sunlight that radiates from them to all they touch. The adept reach those rare moments that spell illumination. They are always aware of the light in consciousness as the Sun dawns on the sleeping Earth .Or when sunsets bring in dark nights they take the stars in their lap .It is the time to awaken the light within.
@copyright Jyotirmaya Thakur.

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