Poems by Lily Swarn

Poems by Lily Swarn
I saw you shuffle on your weary feet
Gnarled like a weathered oak your stubby legs
Barely managing the tiny walk from the kitchen to your bed
The knots on your arthritic hands
Twisted beyond recognition
The haze in your rheumy eyes
Like monsoon mists in your favourite hills
A far way look of times that played truant
Leaving you dependent and helpless
The nagging ache that shoots up your shin
A protest by your trusted ankles
That bore the agony of ill fitting shoes
Excruciatingly high to pander to fashion
Your chiffons slip naughtily from your thinning hair
You prefer the cottons that hug your protruding bones
Endearments are what you now use
For cherubic babies out in the parks
You smile mysteriously into the space
At words that made you blush with shame
The diamond rings are stuck in your fingers
Their solitaires reminders of undying love
The flesh may rot and stink with age
But who can cure the foolish heart ?
You walk to your little vanity case
Moth eaten and stuck in a time warp
A bundle of sepia letters tied in strings
Barely holding up to ravaging life
You untie them laboriously with osteoporosis ridden fingers
And shed a few ritualistic tears
At life that was lived on its own terms
With breakers thundering with Father Time !
Copyright Lily Swarn 17.11.2017
Reality has a terrific sense of humour
Besides being rudely tenacious
If I close the door on it with a resounding smack
Reality creeps in through the windows
It makes not a sound as it stares me in the face
Reality has obstinacy written all over her being
Reality outwits bejewelled flights of fancy
It sits on her Peacock Throne with an arrogant swashbuckling stance
Pushing and edging out frothy ,dreamy Imagination
Right off her precarious perch on Cloud Nine
Reality wins each time trussing me up like a chicken for slaughter
And pinning me down on the bare ground
Imagination has to crawl into my poetry books
And curl up to sleep in between my perfumed tresses!
Cooyright Lily Swarn 17.11.2020

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